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A Review On: Denon AVR-2313CI Receiver

Denon AVR-2313CI Receiver

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Pros: Great Sound, Network Connectivety, Price, Functions

Cons: Set up was easy with the mic but had to tweak to get it right and find the correct codec, Video pass through does not seem as good as equivalant yamah

Best Buy honored the internet price at Buy.com of 645.00. This promotion last until 11/17/2012. I am very pleased with my purchase. This replaced a early 2000 model Yamaha (No HDMI didn't recognize the new sound codecs). I believe this is pretty future proof at least for a while. I was even able to run my 6.1 speaker configuration. My old Yamaha speakers were the high quality ones they made at the time and now they seem like new again. The sound is very clean although the video pass through in the store did not seem as good as the equivalent Yamaha. It looks good enough for me on my 55" LCD 240HZ Samsung. I don't care for the 3-D stuff (don't want to be cross eyed) so I can't really comment about that. Halo 4 is incredible with it. The surround sound is like real as is the picture quality. There are things coming out on the side back speakers that will freak you out like there is someone else in the room if your alone. Cable (ATT U-Verse) sound is great, my old Yamaha could not process the new codecs. The network capability opened up a whole new world to me. This will make an older TV into an internet media device. My TV has internet capability but you don't need it with this receiver. I use the android app that I found had the best reviews (not the Denon app) and it works great. It gives you all the options for sound, modes etc., at your literal finger tips. I am going to add a NAS media storage (Western Digital 2TB) to my network so I can back up media and display it on my TV through my AVR. I think total house automation is next. I researched AVRs for two months prior to purchasing this. I decided on this receiver and was going to get it if I had to pay the full $889.00. I did my research, read the small print and price guarantees and found out I didn't have to go very far to purchase it at a very good price. My advice is get it you won't be disappointed.

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except the new court ruling is that media backup is illegal.
AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Denon AVR-2313CI Receiver › Reviews › snakesurf's Review