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Denon AVR-3313CI Receiver

50% Positive Reviews


Pros: its size and the features that its supposed to have...

Cons: the most unreliable "TURD" i've ever owned in the A/V world

first let me say that this is in fact the very first DENON product I've ever owned. I've always been a fan of Yamaha. my reason for switching to Denon on my new receiver was because of the size of this receiver. my entire A/V system is wall mounted and I needed a receiver that would fit on my wall mounted audio rack. Yamaha simply didn't offer a unit that would match the capability of this DENON unit and also fit on my audio rack for any price. now I understand there's a lot of people out there that will argue specs with me about who makes the better a/v receiver and that's fine, but let me tell you that before we consider quality that can only be measured with test equipment lets first address the basics - does the unit actually work or not? this denon unit seems to work when it wants to and that's no bull!

go on any website and read the reviews of this Denon unit and everywhere you go you hear the same thing - "NEW UNPERFECTED TECHNOLOGY". I don't know if its just a DENON issue, or if all the new A/V NETWORK RECEIVERS are having the same issues. the HDMI switching absolutely sucks!!!

to be fair to DENON I have to admit that i'm probably not the average consumer as I am in fact maxing out the use of this little receiver. I'm doing a lot more than just hooking up some speakers, a blue ray player, and a tv to this receiver. this receiver was designed to do a lot more than that and i'm challenging this unit and DENON to deliver on its word. My DENON 3313ci is the center of my entire house. I have the following setup...


(main zone - garage)
KLIPSCH 5800 wall (2) and ceiling (2) speakers for front and rear channels
KLIPSCH RC 52 center channel speaker
KLIPSCH RW 10 subwoofer
COBY 42" 1080P LCD TV

(zone 2 - back yard patio)
KLIPSCH AW 650 outdoor speakers(

(zone 3 - nothing built yet, but planning zone 3 audio only in the front yard)

home network internet connection - hardwired CAT 6A gigabit service
play station 3 hardwired internet cat 6
computer work station hardwired cat 6

if familiar with my equipment the reader of this review will know that I had to work out a lot of issues to get all of this to actually work together which it does. everything works perfect except the receiver. the receiver it seems gets confused too often. just this morning I was ready to unplug it and take it in for repairs because last night it wouldn't work at all. given the vast amount of connectivity involved I decided to try again to trouble shoot the problem and was actually successful. if you download the owner's manual you can find at the very end of the manual under "trouble shooting" where you can reset the micro processor and start over from the receiver's default settings. from here I was able to get it to work again. I had lost the front display screen and couldn't get it to send a signal to the tv. NOTHING! after resetting the microprocessor I had to recalibrate the speakers and then program the sources and update the firmware again. now it works like a champ. so like a computer I guess this thing you have to reset ever so often. seems like a lot of work for something that should just work on its own. its almost as if the owner of this device needs to be a technician or something. how the average consumer will be able to navigate something like this is beyond me. this NETWORK receiver is not for the beginner level A/V enthusiast. it has too many issues and way too many quirks.

my biggest grievance with this receiver is that it has problems that occur too often. given the complexity of my entire system its sometimes hard to know if its my wiring, a source device, a power cable, my internet service.... with all that I have going on problems can be very difficult to troubleshoot. one would hope that the receiver itself is not the weak link in the chain and yet most of the time it is in fact the receiver. the problem I believe is with the HDMI switching. after doing hours of research trying to figure out what the story is with HDMI issues I found that its all the encryption junk that's built into it now. the equipment just can't keep up with it I guess. i'm speculating, but I think that's the problem. this technology is not perfected yet and the typical consumer isn't going to have the patience to work through all the issues. this DENON unit, while impressive in its capabilities, is not a unit I would recommend to anyone unless they are really into tinkering with things. you almost have to be a tech to own one of these things.

I have built an amazing home theater and zone 2 system. something i'm hopeful to sell to others as far as building sytems similar to what I have for other people. this receiver I would not install in someone's house, because I already know the customer will be calling me back every other day because there's an issue. that's how unreliable this thing is. when it works its awesome, but you never know when its going to mess up and start having problems. you want so much to believe that its a wire or a connection somewhere, but no - its something wrong inside the actual receiver which is the brain of the whole system. too unreliable to sell to a customer from an installer point of view.


one big thorn in my side about the limitations of the 3313CI is the fact that it won't send and audio signal out the zone 2 preouts from a digital source (HDMI or TOSLINK OPTICAL). to use the zone 2 preouts you have to have an analog source. I've read a lot of complaints about this from other forums and I did find a solution. HDMI AUDIO EXTRACTOR is the device you need. I'm using this for my PS3. HDMI A/V passes through it and also extracts 2.0 analog audio. so the connectivity going to the receiver is actually both HDMI and RCA STEREO. the RCA STEREO connection is for the zone 2 system. I have a similar setup with my computer work station. HDMI for A/V coming from my computer for the main zone and then for audio i'm also pushing a stereo 1/8 connection to a toslink conversion that's running the long distance to the audio rack of the receiver and then converting from TOSLINK OPTICAL to RCA STEREO for my zone 2 audio. believe it or not this all actually works and it works well. its the only way to get the receiver to do what I want it to do. sometimes the receiver automatically chooses the correct audio signal and sometimes I have to manually switch it from the setting menu on the tv. its still something i'm toying with.

another issue I had problems with was that of getting the projectors to work. this is not a DENON issue since the HDMI outputs on the denon unit are designed to send an HDMI signal to an HDMI display device. my projectors are analog projectors. to get them to work I had to intercept the HDMI signal going to the projectors and use HDMI TO COMPONENT VIDEO CONVERTERS. this solved the problem and the projectors work great. still, there are times when the HDMI switching has issues and a lot of the issues i'm still trying to figure out. the ZONE 2 system doesn't always want to work independent of the main zone like its supposed to. often times it seems the zone 2 system won't work unless the main zone is using the same source which is not supposed to happen.

all of my equipment is HDCP compliant so I don't know what the problem is. my cabling is all very high quality. CABLE SOLUTIONS is the maker of most of my cabling. I've done some extensive work on my system and like I said this has become a real hobby. this DENON 3313CI NETWORK RECEIVER is not for the faint of heart. you will pull some hair out trying to make sense of it and possibly even invest in a good sledgehammer after a while. I will say this much. the sound quality of my entire system is absolutely amazing and i'll challenge anyone to test it. the denon receiver is responsible for part of that. the cabling, speaker quality, and installation method certainly played a role too.

I don't have money for a new unit since I just got this 3313 a few months ago. I do plan to upgrade within the next 2 years if I can get this thing to last that long. hopefully the technology will be a little more perfected by that time. next time i'm going YAMAHA. never had problems with a Yamaha before.

Still getting familiar with the receiver. I will post a detailed review once I push it a bit.

Overall initial impressions: Looks incredible, sounds incredible. Zero problems.
Denon AVR-3313CI Receiver

With its vast array of inputs and network functions, the Denon AVR-3313CI 7.2-Channel Integrated Network A/V Receiver puts you in command. As the high-end model of the IN-Command Series, this receiver sets a new standard in 3D, Blu-ray, game console, and other entertainment device integration with seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs. It features seven discrete 125-watt channels of equal power (THD 0.05% all channels driven), dual subwoofer outputs, and multiple high-resolution audio formats for superior surround sound. It also includes advanced video circuitry that upscales high-definition (HD) signal to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel) signal. Enhanced by digital network audio/photo streaming capabilities, including support for AirPlay, mp3/WMA/WAV and FLAC HD audio, and Windows 7 compatibility, the AVR-3313CI is a solid foundation for your networked home entertainment system.

FeatureFully discrete power amplifiers for all 7 channels (125 W x 7 ch, 8ohm 20-20kHz 0.05%). Delivers the legendary sound quality you?ve come to expect from Denon. 3D pass-through technology Enjoy 3D video entertainment with dynamic surround sound. 7 x HDMI in / 3 x HDMI out Lets you connect your HDMI-equipped devices with a single cable. Enjoy high definition audio and video on up to 3 displays. 4K video support (4K video upscaling, video pass-through and GUI overlay) AirPlay Stream music from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch or from your iTunes music library.
Item Height6.6 inches
Item Length14.9 inches
Item Width17.1 inches
Package Height16 inches
Package Length21 inches
Package Weight21 pounds
Package Width16 inches
ProductGroupReceiver or Amplifier
TitleDenon AVR-3313CI Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay and 3 Zone Capacity
UPCList - UPCListElement883795002264
Item Weight26.5 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementAVR3313CI
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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