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Denon AVR-4520CI Receiver


Pros: everything

Cons: none

My Denon avr-4520ci review

I have had this receiver for 1 year now and all I can say is WOW. This thing s a beast of a machine it has just about everything you could ask for and more. It is a 11.2 channel receiver with 9 internal amps that can be confederate and any way you would like, but goes up to 11 channels with a 2 ch amplifier added. It has all the known sound modes you could think of and HD radio Pandora etc.. I have had every Denon Pioneer and Onkyo for the past 6 years and this one is the best I have heard so far it is a really beautiful receiver in everyway. I have mine setup for 11.2 channel output and sounds incredible with a rotel rb-1066 taking care of the front right, front left and center channel. The receiver has a new feature that I think is really cool and that is dialogue enhancer witch raises the volume of the center channel really helps when you can't hear what somebody is saying turn it on and you hear what they are saying all the way down to a whisper. I had the denon avr-4311ci before this one and I can say the two units do sound different from each other. The avr-4520ci just sound more precise then the avr-4311ci. If I was to give this a star rating out of five stars I would give it a five out of five You really have to hear it to believe it words doesn't do it justice. I really don't have any cons about the receiver I just like it to much. It has multi eqxt 32 witch really helps with calibration it is a eight point calibration setup but can be upgraded to pro version if needed witch does 32 point calibration and has 32 bit dac's and al32 for the first time in a denon. It has a great video upscale too will does a great job for what I use it for. You have two hdmi video outs that can play video and audio at the same time and two different pictures I run this receiver with the KEF Q series speaker's and it is a great match. IF YOU GET THE CHANCE THIS RECEIVER DESERVES A LISTEN.


Pros: Performance and Features well above it's price point. No compromise in execution ranging from Home Theater to Vinyl playback usage.

Cons: It isn't free? Grasping for straws here for the con comment.

I've owned this for more than a year now. I know it's sketchy to see a review with all fives but I can't find anything to deduct. It's been rock solid. It replaced my much loved and upgraded B&K AVR-307 and made the B&K sound like hell. I was shocked. I also compared it to the top Marantz Receiver SR7008 (I think it was) and the Marantz 7001/7055 separates. Sounded better than the first and at least as good as the second. Curious as to what was what, I continued up the amplifier scale and I had to go almost to the $10k price level to find anything that sounded appreciably better to my own and my HARD to please Wife's ears. This testing was done in my own HT room with my B&W 804s and DIY sub so environment wasn't a factor. The Audyssey XT32 did an excellent job and the sound is pretty homogenous in all 8 seats in my HT for movie nights. I'm using the HDMI input from Oppo 103 to the 4520 for both Red Book and Blu-Ray playback. The internal D/A converter is extremely clean, noiseless and natural sounding even compared to Vinyl. In Theater mode I use the 804s along with a B&W HTM2 Center and B&W DS3 Surrounds in DI-Pole mode. It is all encompassing from any seat in the house. The train wreck in the move 8MM generally has people crawling out of their chairs. For the individual that claimed a problem with sound quality with his unit, please stop by. I'll change your mind. wink.gif


Pros: Good Price Point. Audyssey XT32, Ample HDMI inputs. 4k support. 4ohm compatability. Network hub / apps / upgradeability. Audyssey setup. Mic included.

Cons: No THX certification. 4ohm compatability. Average sound quality. Sound bleed. Quirky. Too simple Audyssey setup.

I am a long time Denon fan since the AVP-8000 days (early 90s), but feel this may be my last. Since the 8000 series, I have owned a 3000 series and a previous 4000 series. I now own the AVR-4520CI, and I am terribly disappointed where Denon has ended up. I actually did a thread here on AVS Forums asking for input / alternate suggestions prior to purchase, but you know how those threads go. ;]

I am using the AVR-4520CI in a 7.1 configuration with Miller & Kreisel (M&K) 4ohm S-150THX / SS-150THX Ultra setup in an about 6000 cu ft dedicated home theater. This setup has worked flawlessly with previous Denon configurations. (even ones not rated for 4ohm)

First I immedialy performed a software upgrade. Then I went through Audyssey setup and started watching movies. Something was missing. Movies did not have that "explosive" impact and music seemed to be underpowered compared to my previous 4308CI even though this had more power. After digging, I noticed that channel volumes were limited by default. I had to unlimit for each input, but still didnt seem to have the volume the old less powered model had. Music, radio & HD radio also seemed to not have the volume my old amp had. Removing the limiter helped, but did not resolve all.

Secondly when turning on the reciever, I would intermitently hear "radio" playing with no source materials playing. It would be on a Game input, and my game console on, but I was hearing music at VERY low levels. (so low I had to walk up to a speaker saying whet the heck is that.) I could never tell if this was a Radio, HD radio, or intenet radio source playing. It eventually goes away on that source, but wierd bleed right?

I have done several microprocessor resets thinking the unit is not performing correctly and was being quirky only to come back where I was originally following automated setup procedures.


Pros: Power, Great sound, Stacked with features.

Cons: None

I have recently upgraded from a Denon 3312 to a 4520ci which I purchased through the AVS store. It has been flawless in performance to date.

I am using the AVR 4520 in a 5.2 setup and I am using all HDMI connections. Presently I am not using an amplifier.

The 4520 uses Audyssey Platinum and some of the features are Audyssey DSX, Sub EQ, Dynamic EQ, Dynamic volume, Audyssey LFC and MultEQ XT32. The AVR sounds fantastic, the surround sound is amazing just like being at the movies. The 4520 has the ability to run an 9.2 setup and is rated at 150 watts per channel. I used Audyssey to set up my speakers and then manually tweaked using a decibel meter to level match all the speakers and subwoofers. The XT32 is a huge upgrade over the MultEQ. I am very impressed with the sound quality.

One of my favorite features is the HDMI passthrough. It is nice to have the option to just watch TV without powering up the whole system. Another feature I like is the ability to set dual subwoofers along with level matching them. The 4520 also uses a new user onscreen GUI. It is a little different than the past GUI and takes a little bit of getting use to. The 4520 is 3D ready and also ready for 4K upscaling. The AVR has plenty of Inputs and has pre outs for an additional amp. There is also a preamp mode. There are 3 HDMI outputs and 7 HDMI inputs. The 4520 is also equipped with apple airplay. The 4520 will fit in very nicely with all your other componets with its slick black finish and also has a flip down front to hide all the controls.

The remote control is a basic remote, very easy to read and use. It has a small lcd screen for settings inside the remote. The only thing I did not like was the light, it seems to be activated by sound and touch and was constantly on. Burned through a few batteries until I figure out how to shut it off.

The 4520 is great AVR for the avid Home Theater enthusiast. It displays brilliant video as well as superior sound and would be a great addition to any home theater system. Be sure to demo the 4520 is you are in the market for a new AVR, I am sure most will be very impressed.


Pros: Great on Movies

Cons: Weak on Music

I have had this unit over a year now. First, I had to send the original one back. No power to the Zones. AVS did a stellar job replacing it. In hindsight, I should have just kept the old 7500 Marantz. I'm not saying its ALL bad, but its pretty weak compared to our old unit. No " impact".. No" punch"..Albums and CDs ( Oppo 103) sound like 40 year old recordings. Its rated higher amperage than the old unit, but is fictitious. Its a great unit for Movies. But I thought I was buying a dual purpose Receiver.This thing sounds like a 50 watt receiver,not 150.(My old Marantz was 105). And the zones, they are a joke. What a dumb way to make them. Why not just make a button you push to turn on secondary Zones? I don't mean to insult people that have this unit, but someday I'll buy something with more horsepower...so to speak. Its my own fault, I will never buy ANYTHING again, with out going to a store and hearing it for myself. When I bought the Marantz, I took the speakers right to the store. ( M&K' S). I thought I was stepping UP, not down...I'm not one of those OP's that concentrate on features...I want sound. And I like it pretty loud. I was looking for something that sounded like an actual Band was in your living room. If your into Movies only, this will work fine, but if you are an audiophile, look someplace else. And I will...........
Denon AVR-4520CI Receiver

9.2 Channel 4K Video & 3D Video Pass Through Networking Home Theater Receiver with Apple Airplay and Multi-Zone Video. For the ultimate home theater experience, the Denon AVR-4520CI networked 9.2 channel A/V receiver puts you in command with its extensive array of network connectivity options, along with the latest 32-Bit high power DSP processing (three 400 MIPS DSP processors). Equipped with seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs, the AVR-4520CI features the latest high definition video processing with up conversion to 4K (3840 x 2160) along with 4K and 3D pass through and graphical user interface overlay, including dual HDMI simultaneous outputs and a third HDMI output for multi zone viewing of another source. A full suite of the latest high resolution surround sound decoders includes Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio, along with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room acoustic correction and Audyssey Sub EQ HT dual subwoofer acoustic correction.

FeatureFully discrete, mono AMP construction and high current power supply for all 9 channels (150 W x 9 ch, 8ohm 20-20kHz 0.05%). Powerful, dynamic yet naturally smooth and stable sound reproduction is available. D.D.S.C - HD32 (Denon Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit) engineering incorporates 3 powerful 32-Bit DSPs and high grade 32-Bit/192kHz DAC for higher resolution audio playback. Best in class Hybrid PLL Jitter Reducer to work with digital input signals for accurate and high quality audio playback. Introducing newly Alpha 32 Multi processing Denon proprietary technology to work with Dolby and DTS contents (Multi-Channel Sources). Introducing new Denon Link HD for ultra Jitter-Free transmission for digital contents including streaming media in combination with the DBT-3313UDCI universal blu-ray disc player via HDMI and new Denon Link HD connection (Coaxial).
Item Height7.7 inches
Item Length16.6 inches
Item Width17.1 inches
Package Height13.3 inches
Package Length21.5 inches
Package Weight43.75 pounds
Package Width20.2 inches
ProductGroupReceiver or Amplifier
TitleDenon AVR-4520CI Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay
UPCList - UPCListElement883795002578
Item Weight41.9 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementAVR4520CI
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