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Great functionality, Airplay, auto speaker calibration in an affordable price.

A Review On: Denon AVR-E300

Denon AVR-E300

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Pros: 5.1 room speaker calibration, airplay, good price

Cons: won't convert composite signal to hdmi

I bought this machine at local electronic store with a nice sale price. It's about the lowest price I can get for an AV receiver with Apple airplay function. Which is a must for my family because we don't like to wear ear phone. The setup is easy, plug in network wires, speaker wires, and answer some questions show on tv. Then plug in the speaker calibration microphone and let the machine do the job. It's done.

The speaker calibration is a good function especially if 5+1 speakers are not come from same company. it will automatic adjust the gain of speakers. just sit and wait through the test.
Setting up airplay and network function are also effortless.

The only issue I encountered is that I can't see my Wii output in tv because my tv is connected to hdmi output port. and Wii use composite input. Later I checked the manual and found that I need to use hdmi to see hdmi input signal and composite only can be seen if the tv connected to composite output port too. If it has the function to sample composite input and output to hdmi, that will be the best. Otherwise, I still need to switch both tv input selector and the receiver input selector

The video signal is good. (it suppose to be. hdmi to hdmi is digital, no loss theoretically). audio output is nice too.
This product is very competitive to all the machine under $300 and worth considering.


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AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Component Receivers › Denon AVR-E300 › Reviews › hisink's Review