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Solid AVR. It's a keeper!

A Review On: Denon AVR-E400

Denon AVR-E400

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I am in the process of building my first home theater and so far this receiver is in my top 3 picks BTW how much did it cost? you and where from? if you don't mind me asking and , If i use the E400 as 5.1 would the problem with the banana plugs connection still persist?

one more question what is your current setup?

thanks for the review
Hello, The banana plug issue applies whether you have 5.1 or 7.1, but the workaround is easy enough that I think it's not a dealbreaker. The price I paid was a blockbuster. I got it from Fry's for $300. I think it's a solid bargain at $450.

The rest of my setup isn't worth enumerating in detail. Nice big TV, cheap Sony BDP, AppleTV, TiVo, Infinity speakers including a 10" powered sub.
Hey, careful on the assumptions (smiley face), I just picked up the E400 to use with a Sony 84" 4K. Just passing the 4K thru, but still a required spec. The TV is in my kids media room behind our theatre, and given the expense of the theatre audio, it was nice to be able to grab something functional at a reasonable cost. I'm using it with some M&K IW-150's in a 5.1 config. Thanks for the write-up.
toss the banna plugs. You do not need them. A bare wire connection is better anyway.
Just a FYI ... the Denon "E" model speaker posts are not designed for use with banana plugs, rather you would need to upgrade to one of the "X" models.
The presense of the composite and component outputs is essential to those just beginning to replace their older analog units and still have many still functioning analog equipment. The digital analog mix makes this possible and lead to further upgrades from the older equipment as newer units come to market.
AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Component Receivers › Denon AVR-E400 › Reviews › spblat's Review