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Denon AVR-3312CI Receiver

33% Positive Reviews


Pros: Sounds good when it works, many features

Cons: HDMI boards defective, unit freezes, hard reboots required all the time, USB / Network freezes

MY Denon AVR-3312CI has many troubles. The HDMI card is defective and after many weeks they can't get a HDMI board thay are so back ordered.

The Denon 3312CI also freezes all the time and requires that you unplug the unit and plug it back in again.

The USB / Network setting also freezes as the unit get overloaded with data.

This Denon 3312CI to me is not the quality I'm used to with Denon products.


Pros: It reproduces great sound

Cons: Difficult setup and mine exploded after only 18 months of use.

I always liked Denon AVRs, but I also found them difficult to set up initially. But they were usually very reliable. I have owned several Denon AVRs, until my AVR 3312Ci gave me trouble and died. I had just turned it on when sparks shot out of the top of the unit and it shut down. It simply died on me, and I don't know why. I now own a Yamaha RX V673. It was almost half the price of the Denon, was simple to set up, and sounds great! (I use it only in straight mode) I use the receiver mostly for watching my BD ripped movies (MKV files). I think my system sounds better than in the theater!.


Pros: MultEQ XT, DSX, 125w, DLNA, AirPlay

Cons: Sluggish from DLNA (Airplay is great)

I love my new receiver, upgraded from a Yamaha 371, big time upgrade. Brought my speakers to life, I think the Yamaha was clipping so it was a drastic improvement.

The Audyssey calibration was easy and makes my system sound awesome for movies. Music is great too, the limiting factor here are my mains (Polk Monitor 60's... booo), nothing wrong with them but I would much rather have a good DIY or high end commercial speakers.

Airplay works flawlessly, I didn't buy this for any networking capability and thought I didn't care nor need it, now I use it all the time. I also use DLNA for playing flac files off my PC, it can be buggy at time through windows media player, sometimes I just use the Denon to choose the music to play. The interface isn't "spectacular" but it never fails, WMP 12 sometimes does fail.

Overall I love this unit.
Denon AVR-3312CI Receiver

With a vast array of connections and its numerous output capabilities, the Denon AVR-3312CI is the receiver you want at the center of your home theater system. It features 7 channels each rated to output 125W of high-quality audio as well as network functionality including AirPlay and the Denon Remote App, and even auto setup with an included microphone. Plus it's backed by a three-year warranty!

Feature7.2ch Integrated Network A/V Receiver HDMI 1.4a 7In/2Out 3D Ready AirPlay Ready Discrete Power Amps rated at 125 watts each
Item Height6.7 inches
Item Length15 inches
Item Width17.1 inches
Package Height10 inches
Package Length21 inches
Package Weight31.6 pounds
Package Width19.4 inches
ProductGroupReceiver or Amplifier
TitleDenon AVR3312CI Integrated Network A/V Surround Receiver
UPCList - UPCListElement883795002042
Item Weight26 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementAVR3312CIBKE3
WarrantyPart:3y, Labor:3y
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Denon AVR-3312CI Receiver