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A Review On: Digital Stream DPH1000R HDTV Recorder with Digital Tuner and 320 GB HDD

Digital Stream DPH1000R HDTV Recorder with Digital Tuner and 320 GB HDD

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Pros: Playback is true 1080i HDTV (if original signal was 1080), not SD like on DVDs.

Cons: No closed captioning, period.

NOTE: There is a separate AVS thread that covers this device. It is titled "RCA DPH-1000R HDTV Recorder" It is a mix of Q&A and review comments (some correct, some not) that stretches on 4 long pages on AVS. I don't know where "RCA" came from... it's not on the box or documentation anywhere.

Based on almost 6 months use I am very pleased with the Digital Stream DPH-1000R recorder with the 320G hard drive. Setup is straightforward. It works as advertised.

If/when the sound fails, go to Setup menu and choose Factory Reset and it will be like new again. Saved programs are NOT deleted by the Reset procedure to fix the sound glitch. However you will have to re-scan available channels and then re-save your schedule for recording TV programs. (To avoid the sound glitch, power down the unit before plugging or unplugging a USB stick.)

When you fill up the hard drive (and with true HD recording you will!) you can delete selected programs easily, or "archive" selected HDTV programs by plugging in a standard USB memory stick on the back of the unit and copying the desired program, then delete it from the hard drive to free up space.

The unit has NO DVD input or output, period (neither the usual SD nor Blu Ray). Only 320G HDD recording and the ability to copy later to a USB stick.

Scheduled recording is easy using over-the-air schedules that I did not know TV stations transmitted. Schedule uses a 24 hour clock. (I don't have cable or dish, so I can't comment on that.) Instant one-button recording is even easier than scheduled.

The Digital Stream DPH1000R HDTV Recorder is well worth the price. I bought from www.bhphotovideo.com in NYC, although it is available from many other sources.

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Two more features of the Digital Stream DPH-1000R HDTV Recorder:

1. The unit has dual HDTV tuners, so it can be recording a program to the 320G HDD while you are using the other internal tuner to watch a different TV program.

2. Once the unit has started recording a TV program you can go to the playback menu, find the program that is being recorded, select it and begin playing it (while it is still being recorded). Thus, you can catch the beginning of a program if you missed it. You can pause the playback if you need to (the recording is unaffected by your playback actions). You can back up the program playback to watch a scene again. Or you can fast-forward as you wish, e.g. through commercials (although the unit lacks a 30 second skip button) until you catch up with the real-time recording in progress.