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Elite Screens ER100WH1-A1080P2 Sable Fixed Frame Projection Screen

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Pros: Affordable, attractive, sturdy

Cons: Finger numbing tabs, takes some tweaking to make perfectly square corners, couple minor blemishes in velvet on frame, support bar vibration

Edit: Just realized I posted this review under the 100" screen vs. the 110" screen I actually have. Regardless, all of my feedback should apply to both, so I feel confident in leaving this here for others to read that might be looking at the 100" variant.

Another one of my budget home theater purchases was this Elite Screens 110" Sable Fixed Frame screen I bought on Amazon. I was first drawn to this screen due to the price, but most importantly, the availability of a 110" screen (Monoprice does not offer one, 106 was too small and 120 was way too big). Elite Screens offers some of the most affordable projection screens I found, which would usually trigger a red flag as I am typically a supporter of the "you get what you pay for" statement. However, that statement certainly does not apply this screen.

The screen frame itself is made of aluminum, which is lightweight yet very sturdy once assembled. Upon assembly, it did take some tweaking to get the corners perfectly square, but the mounting holes and screens allow for some variance to accomplish this. There were a couple spots where it appears the frame hit the corner of something as the velvet was marred, but it didn't bother me enough to send it back (nothing a little black marker couldn't take care of). Some have commented on having gray streaks in the screen material, but I did not notice any. Other than a few creases, which instantly vanished once the screen was properly tensioned, the screen itself was perfect.

Assembly took me about an hour as I really took my time to make everything perfect. Make sure you have plenty of floor space, the screen was much larger than I expected when laying flat on the floor. Also, make sure you keep the floor clean and clear of loose items, I'm sure a sharp edge would make a 'lasting impression' you wouldn't want on a screen you're going to be staring at for hours on end. If I did it over again, I would have worn gloves! Do yourself a favor and get a pair of mechanics gloves, something that will cushion your fingers, but still provide plenty of dexterity. There are countless 'tabs' that you will use to secure the screen material to the frame, some take some force to get in. My fingers were raw by the time I was done (my fault for being impatient and not working smart). I used the drywall anchors that came with the screen to mount the hangers (measured and spaced evenly across). A laser level and/or 4ft level really come in handy here, you really want to make sure the screen is level (especially for someone as OCD as I am). Once the hangers are mounted to the wall and the screen is hung, it feels very secure.

Another minor complaint I have is that the center support bar on the back of the screen sometimes vibrates against the wall at certain low frequencies. This likely has something to do with the placement of my subwoofer (directly below the screen), but it can be annoying. I plan to pull the screen down and adhere some kind of material to the bar to absorb and quite the transfer of vibration.

Performance is excellent, but feel that is mostly dependent on the projector (I am using an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5020UB) and lighting conditions of the room. I will say that it does need to be quite dark in order for the blacks to be truly black, but that's not the screens fault, that's mine for not being able to adequately control my lighting. In a perfectly dark room, the screen is flawless and the picture quality is impeccable.

The reason I only gave this 4½ stars is due to the minor blemishes in the velvet, minor tweaking it took to get the frame just right, and vibration of the support bar at certain frequencies. Overall, this screen is a phenomenal value and I would highly recommend it (or other in another size) to anyone who is looking for an attractive screen that performs well for a low cost.
Elite Screens ER100WH1-A1080P2 Sable Fixed Frame Projection Screen

The SableFrame from Elite Screens is designed to be the end-all, be all solution for the vast majority of those seeking to step-up their home theaters without having to break the bank. Draped with Elite's award-winning CineWhite material, the Sable series has wide diffusion uniformity to provide equal brightness from any viewing location. This precision designed neutral white gives clear color reproduction and is black-backed to eliminate unwanted light penetration. The Sable Frame's design includes a stylish contoured frame and black velvet surfacing which absorbs excess light overshoot commonly thrown from projectors. The frame has a 2.36-Inch thickness that assembles in minutes, and its sliding wall mounts allow the SableFrame to be perfectly centered the first time with every installation. Now more than ever, the SableFrame is a bold step by Elite into the realm of DIY home theater technology.

FeatureEquipped with Elite's 1.0 gain, acoustically transparent screen material gives a sound option to those who need to hide their speakers behind their screen Black velvet surface with 2.36-Inch aluminum frame Simple design with sliding wall mounts provides an easy installation The SableFrame is easy to assemble and a cinch to mount 2-year parts and labor premium warranty
Item Height12.6 inches
Item Length58 inches
Item Width4.7 inches
LabelElite Screens Inc.
ManufacturerElite Screens Inc.
Package Height5 inches
Package Length58 inches
Package Weight33.45 pounds
Package Width13 inches
PublisherElite Screens Inc.
StudioElite Screens Inc.
TitleElite Screens ER100WH1-A1080P2 Sable Fixed Frame Projection Screen (100 inch 16:9 AR)(AT)
UPCList - UPCListElement848448002961
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementER100WH1-A1080P2
Size16:9, 100-inch, Acoustic
Warranty2-year parts and labor
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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