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Emotiva XPA-5 5-Channel Power Amplifier

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Pros: Provides all the power you will ever need!

Cons: Heavy, heavy, did I mention heavy!

I was very skeptical adding a power amp to my system. But I was unhappy with the playback of digital music stored on my computer. It appeared to be flat, lacking the emotion of the music. Don't get me wrong, my Denon-AVR 4810C I is a rock! It is the brains of my home theater system.But I began reading reviews about Denon AVRs used as processors or pre-amps with separate power amps.

Enter the Emotiva XPR5! I read every review I could about Emotiva. Their reputation is impeccable and the reviews remarkable. Well, put me on the bad wagon! This is THE BEST purchase upgrade I have ever made! I am hearing nuances in old music, that i didn't know existed. There's a presence to the music! Horns, vocals, drum beats, bass parts brought to life! I am absolutely ecstatic about this Emotiva! So if you are sitting on the fence, not quite satisfied with music, movies, this amp is the answer!
Emotiva XPA-5 5-Channel Power Amplifier

With the XPA-5 five-channel power amplifier, Emotiva broke the price barrier on 1,000 watt multi-channel amplifiers. But the XPA-5 is much, much more than an attractive price. It brings no-compromise, audiophile-level performance to your home theater with seemingly endless reserves of power that will transform your listening experience. Do not compare the XPA-5 with receivers. The typical audiophile receiver can deliver only 120 to 140 watts of channel power, meaning that only one or two channels can produce that 120 watts, not all channels driven, simultaneously, at rated power, all the time, like the XPA-5. All Emotiva amplifiers produce their full rated power, with all channels driven - no excuses, no compromises, and no double-talk. Combined with high-end parts including a massive toroidal power transformer, precision 1% metal-film resistors, encapsulated film capacitors, and glass-epoxy PC boards, it's no wonder the XPA-5 has reached legendary status among home theater devotees. With increased clarity, enveloping soundstage, added bass impact and control - it lets you hear movies the way they were meant to be heard! The XPA-5: Legendary power.

Feature300 watts x 5 @ 4 Ohms; 200 watts x 5 @ 8 Ohms; all channels driven Fully discrete signal path, with class A/B output stage and massive power reserves Balanced and unbalanced inputs Microprocessor operating system with full fault protection and status indicators Quality parts and construction throughout, backed by a five-year warranty. *The XPA-5 usually retails for $899 but is on sale for $769 from 11/9/12 until 1/15/13
Item Height7.75 inches
Item Length19 inches
Item Width17 inches
LabelEmotiva Audio Corporation
ManufacturerEmotiva Audio Corporation
ProductGroupReceiver or Amplifier
PublisherEmotiva Audio Corporation
StudioEmotiva Audio Corporation
TitleEmotiva XPA-5 5-Channel Power Amplifier
UPCList - UPCListElement818841010702
Item Weight72.6 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Component Amplifiers › Emotiva XPA-5 5-Channel Power Amplifier