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A Review On: Emotiva XPA-5 5-Channel Power Amplifier

Emotiva XPA-5 5-Channel Power Amplifier

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Pros: Provides all the power you will ever need!

Cons: Heavy, heavy, did I mention heavy!

I was very skeptical adding a power amp to my system. But I was unhappy with the playback of digital music stored on my computer. It appeared to be flat, lacking the emotion of the music. Don't get me wrong, my Denon-AVR 4810C I is a rock! It is the brains of my home theater system.But I began reading reviews about Denon AVRs used as processors or pre-amps with separate power amps.

Enter the Emotiva XPR5! I read every review I could about Emotiva. Their reputation is impeccable and the reviews remarkable. Well, put me on the bad wagon! This is THE BEST purchase upgrade I have ever made! I am hearing nuances in old music, that i didn't know existed. There's a presence to the music! Horns, vocals, drum beats, bass parts brought to life! I am absolutely ecstatic about this Emotiva! So if you are sitting on the fence, not quite satisfied with music, movies, this amp is the answer!


I was just wondering if you have the XPA or XPR 5? In the headline it's XPA but in the text it's the XPR. A little bit of power per channel between the two with XPA 5 @ 200 wpc and the XPR 5@ 400 wpc. Thanks!
Typo!! XPA 5, Great amp and certainly enough power!