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A Review On: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 705 HD 720p 3LCD Home Theater Projector

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 705 HD 720p 3LCD Home Theater Projector

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Charles Warwick
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Pros: Very reasonable price for an HD projector, decent brightness, and a clear, sharp, image

Cons: Not bright enough for a room with windows, black levels are a bit disappointing, only 720p

I bought this projector about 2 years ago to replace an Optoma that died on me a few months into ownership. So far I've been pretty pleased with it as it is a very reasonable (read cost effective) option for us budget constrained HT people. The 720p resolution was a minor hitch at the time, and with the viewing distance and screen size (95’’ screen with 11’ viewing) I would be hard-pressed to notice the difference between 720 and 1080p. It is small and lightweight, meaning you can easily mount it and it won’t draw terribly much attention. It does have a zoom on it, but it’s a pretty small zoom so when you place the projector, get it within a foot or so of the ‘ideal’ position since the zoom is just enough to dial in the image, don’t count on it to fill the screen 5 feet away.

As far as performance goes, the noise is very low, brightness is good in darkened rooms (one or two lights away from the screen) but not great in anything more. The black levels (even in total darkness) are still a bit bright but what would you expect from this price point. As far as image sharpness, it looks fine to me, both with a computer source or a blu-ray image, the resolution and sharpness of the project is more than adequate and looks quite nice. The colors were a bit off, but you can play with the settings and get it pretty close, which was good enough for my budget.

Overall, I only regret not getting a 1080p, but at this price point it is a very good projector that I would recommend to someone with a limited budget and big ideas.


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