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My First Projector

A Review On: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350

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Great review!
I got mine as a refurb from Epson for well under 1K and it performs very well.
This was an upgrade for me from an X1 which still work very well also.

A great cheap way to have "special movie nights" with the family for a family price.
Same one in my HT... love it. Made my own ceiling mount adapter out of 3/8" plywood painted black...worked like a charm for about a dollar.

Have disabled auto-iris, as it was distracting in dark, quiet scenes (we sit about three feet in front of it)... My wife "What's that noise??" "Nothing, honey".
I've had mine 2 1/2 years now. Love it. Got it for $1200 shipped.
Happy with mine.
got mine for christmas two years ago and love it.
I'm going to use my warranty exchange credit from HH Gregg and get mine, but of course they've been backordered since 5/7/13. I am tempted to try the 8020 just to have the extra lumens and 3D in case I ever wanna try it, but the 8350 would be a free upgrade from my LG 47LH90, no extra out of pocket cost aside from a Favi 120" screen. I can't wait to have a real home theatre experience at home.
Any suggestion on the best ceiling mount for the Epson 8350? i have read and heard that some shake alot, and help would be appreciated.
Going to buy this for my game room. Such an old projector but still a great deal for what it does.
Enjoyed your review! This was also my first projector, upgrading from 16mm! I've had the 8350 for 2 years now and I am just as happy with it now as I was the night I flipped the switch on for the first time! Watching a 10-foot-wide image on the living room wall (I don't have a screen yet) is an experience I always dreamed about! The color and clarity are just incredible!
AVS › Reviews › Displays › Projectors › Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 › Reviews › SupaKats's Review