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Great open Concept game with some real strange characters

A Review On: Far Cry 3 Xbox 360 Game UBISOFT

Far Cry 3 Xbox 360 Game UBISOFT

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Pros: Open-ended, Do it your way, The environment is dangerous as well,Graphics are realistic, Sounds are also a great cue

Cons: Repeating comments,Story could be better,keeps you up playing (could be a con or a pro!)

Right off let me say I had played Far Cry 2, and while it was OK, I wasn't really impressed. But I read all the reviews of Far Cry 3 I could, and there just wasn't too many bad things being said. then again I didn't have to buy it right off at almost $60 bucks either. So I waited and after a month or two I found it on sale for a little over $30.
Another rather good piece of advice, never start a game at 9 O'clock at night. I'm not going to give too much away either, there's wayyy too much to enjoy in this game to do that. But let me say the story is interesting, not Hitchcock by any stretch, but it does have some strange sequences.
This is a really open ended game, that's one of the best things about it, its a true sandbox game. If you don't like reaching an objective in a certain sequence, don't, go hunt some wild game instead, or go shark hunting, just remember one thing, the hunter can quickly become the hunted, and you'll never even see it coming.
Which leads me to sounds, which If you don't want to get eaten ,play a big part of the game. Hear a Tiger ? Keep a weary eye open, and make sure you have extra ammo. The graphics are pretty good too, maybe not quite as good as a Playstation version, but almost.
Like I said before the gameplay is very good, you do things the way you want to, and its not just follow the scripts and go along a preappointed path, you can trade, barter, hunt game, as well as small minigames all over the island. Theres also hidden Items, and other sideline stories as well as the main one. Its not an easy game to play, more like a survival game.

Bottom line: If you want something to do and your stuck inside, this is a great way to lose hours on end. Now on the other hand, If you do have something to do, and have to get it done, don't start playing this game. Its like a very good book, but with much more action. Just go and buy it, or wait, or rent it even !


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