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$268 Local Pickup - Not bad for the money

A Review On: Focupix 2.35:1 Ultra-Widescreen Fixed Frame Matte White Screen - 130"

Focupix 2.35:1 Ultra-Widescreen Fixed Frame Matte White Screen - 130"

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Pros: Price!, Packing was good, Tensioned screen is very tight = No Sag

Cons: Very hard to get install the tension screen to the frame, Some velvet crush on the frame from shipping, Very limited mounting option

This is the first screen/projector I have owned and thus far the screen has delivered as expected.
- Very uniform screen (no hot-spotting)
- Aluminum Frame
- Tensioned to the extreme - Very Tight

It's been a great experinece thus far and I would recommend it to others. I don't like the fact that there is a noticable "Focupix" logo on the bottom right of the frame that can't be removed. Also, noticed that the company I bought the screen from advertized it as a 1.5 gain, but I've been told it's really a 1.2 gain screen. Also the mounting brackets are a bit odd. I had to get a bit creative and drill a 10' long 1" x 2" piece of wood into a few studs then mount the mounting brackets to the wood.

I initally was planning on doing a DIY screen, but finding this for such a good price I went for it. I'm getting more serious with this hobby, but I'm still a relative pup when it comes to reviewing gear so can't take measurements or provide any type scientific analysis.

I have nothing else to compare this screen to, so I can't really comment on the "color accuracy", "black levels" or "performance", but I would still recommend it to others based on my experience.


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