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Hitman: Absolution

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Pros: Some old school type levels, nice graphics

Cons: Broken disguise system, not enough targets, hand holding, list of objectives

Absolution is the 5th game in the Hitman series. It fails to hold up to its predecessors. Previous games had Agent 47 placed into a level with an objective to assassinate a target, while there's a few levels like this a lot of the game is made up with filler. Many levels have no targets at all and consist of getting from point A to point B. They don't even hand out the Silent Assassin rating, only a Shadow rating. With no targets the levels become dull and uninspired. Even those that do have targets have lost a lot of what made the games great thanks to an objective list given to you at the end of the level. In the old games much of the appeal and fun was figuring all this stuff out for yourself. While it's stil valid to replay a level to see it the game telling you its there is a major mistep.

The classic disguise system is no longer classic. Enemies will easily reconigze 47 unless the new instinct meter is used. This is a limited feature so chances that everything devolves into a shootout are highly increased. When using the instinct ability it also highlights things in the environment you can interact with, further devaluing figuring out the once fun moving puzzles for yourself.

The story isn't particularly entertaing either. Agent 47 steals a little girl to keep her out of the hands of the evil folks that want her. It has to be vauge to keep it spoiler free.

The voice acting is good enough but the music clearly suffers having lost series mainstay composer Jesper Kyd.

Graphically the game is impressive but will sometimes resort to low quality FMV scenes.

If you haven't played a Hitman game before you may enjoy it, however long time fans are sure to be disapointed.
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Hitman: Absolution

HITMAN: ABSOLUTION follows The Original Assassin undertaking his most personal contract to date. Betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself pursuing redemption in a corrupt and twisted world.

BindingVideo Game
BrandSquare Enix
FeatureContracts Mode-Create your own custom hits by choosing the level, targets, weapons and the rules of assassination in an innovative new online mode where created contracts can be shared and the money that you earn will unlock weapons, upgrades and disguises Freedom of Choice - Stalk from the shadows or rush in guns blazing thanks to fully-evolved game mechanics and a sophisticated AI-System that responds realistically to every tactic you employ Experience a Living, Breathing World - Robust and memorable characters spring to life on the screen with an outstanding cast of Hollywood performers, ensuring every moment becomes a story in HITMAN: ABSOLUTION Disguises - A huge variety of disguises, you can impersonate your victims and blend into the world around you, affording you new actions, options, and the element of surprise Instinct Mode - Predict enemy patrols, identify weapons and escape routes, and temporarily enhance your disguise--even engage in ?Point-Shooting,? making full use of your skills as an expert marksman to clear entire rooms with stylish efficiency
Item Height0.6 inches
Item Length6.7 inches
Item Width5.3 inches
LabelSquare Enix
ManufacturerSquare Enix
Package Height0.5 inches
Package Length6.7 inches
Package Weight0.02 pounds
Package Width5.3 inches
ProductGroupVideo Games
PublisherSquare Enix
StudioSquare Enix
TitleHitman: Absolution
UPCList - UPCListElement662248912325 662248911045
Item Weight0.15 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement0662248911045 91104 662248911045
PlatformPlayStation 3
OperatingSystemPlayStation 3
HardwarePlatformPlaystation 3
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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