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A Review On: Insignia NS-AV511 Home Theater Receiver

Insignia NS-AV511 Home Theater Receiver

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Noah Perkins
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Pros: Clean, loud, plenty of HDMI inputs, simple OSD display

Cons: No auto speaker correction / individual level controls built in.

I was looking for a receiver to replace my $99 HTIB that I had for 10 years.  I got myself a nice LCD TV, and decided the Home Theater needed to start a revamp. 


I wasn't looking for anything super fancy, something sub $200 that would handle 5.1 and HDMI passthru were my only requirements. 


I managed to find this on Best Buy's website as an in store close out.  It was marked at $99.  I ordered and went to pick it up, and the box, instruction manual & remote were missing. The store knocked off another $40 for that missing stuff!  Awesome! 


The PDF manual I obtained from Insignia's website with no issue.  I kept my cheap HTIB speakers, and purchased a polk audio 10" subwoofer on sale on amazon to mate with it. 


This receiver is being used in conjunction with my HTPC, using HDMI from the PC, to the receiver, then out to the TV. 


The sound difference even with my lousy cheap HTIB satellites was impressive to say the least.  Shortly thereafter I replaced my center channel with a Klipsch RCX4. Quality has improved even more. 


My only gripe with this receiver is the lack of adjust-ability.  The ability to adjust speaker levels, room compensation, etc would be nice.  That said, I have this paired to my HTPC, and my video card with HDMI audio will allow me to do the adjustments through the PC.  I fine workaround. 


While yes, this is a cheap receiver, the quality is better than most HTIB setups I've seen at $300+!! 


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