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Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-ray)

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Rated #4 in Blu-ray Movies


Pros: Audio, Special Effects

Cons: Some graininess

I purchased this on Amazon during cyber week just because it was a great deal. I had absolutely no interest in adding this to my collection at full price. That being said, after watching the movie, the remastering job on this one was spectacular and I would say it's even worth the $60 or $70 it is full price for the trilogy. The sound quality in the movie was on par with some of the modern movies and the bass you get in this movie surpasses most modern movies. I listed graininess in some scenes as a con but that was only because I couldn't think of anything else to put. For how old the movie is, I would say that there is far less graininess than I expected in the movie. I was really surprised to see that all the special effects and CGI still looked great on bluray. On some movies, bluray really showcases the finer details that were missed but that is not the case for this one.

I would highly recommend this collection to anyone that has the movie. Great remastering of a classic!


Pros: Incredible sound! Solid 2D video quality

Cons: Some remastered scenes are a little grainy.

What can you say about JP that hasn't already been said before. This movie broke a lot of new ground, not the least of which being incredible (believable) CGI. I used to wrok for the company that made the computers used to create the 3D CGI content and I still have a T-shirt that says "Jurrasic Classic" (I'll leave it to you trivia geeks to figure out the company and computer). To me, this movie was as must have - it blew me away in the theater. My kids never had the pleasure of seeing in the theater, but this release of JP brings enough of the experience home that, if you have a good 5.1 set-up, they can get most of the experience.

Audio: REference quality, really. There are scenes in this that still make me quite literally jump out of my chair. The stampede scene is fantastic, and the thunderous roar of the T-Rex is a joy to behold. The better your sub is, the more you will "feel" the impact.

Video: 95% of the movie is crystal clear and sharp. There are some scenes that remain a little grainy - they tend to be darker scenes that would be difficult to clean up completely.

Extras: Not too much. Some commentary and behind the scenes stuff. The story board animation "rough ups" are pretty interesting - down right amusing in some cases.

Note that this review is for the Blu-Ray remaster of the original film - I don't have the trilogy. You can pick this up for $5-10 and at that price it should be in everyone's collection!
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Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-ray)

All 3 Films Digitally Remastered for Enhanced Picture and Sound. Plus Hours of All-New Bonus Features! Digital Copy of all three films (offer expires 12/31/12) Return to Jurassic Park: Six-part documentary featuring all-new interviews with directors Steven Spielberg and Joe Johnston plus cast and crew Archival Featurettes The Making of all 3 Jurassic Park Films Original Featurettes on the Making of the Films ***Note: Digital copies are not valid in USA.

BrandUniversal Studios
FeatureFormat: Blu-Ray Number Of Discs: 3 Region: All Regions Studio: Universal Studios Quick Same Day Shipping By Amazon Free 2 Day Shipping For Amazon Prime Members Money Back Guarantee
LabelUniversal Studios
ManufacturerUniversal Studios
Package Height1.42 inches
Package Length7.01 inches
Package Weight0.66 pounds
Package Width5.51 inches
PublisherUniversal Studios
StudioUniversal Studios
TitleJurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy (Blu-ray)
Languages - Original LanguageGerman
Languages - SubtitledDanish Dutch English French German Italian Japanese Spanish
Languages - DubbedFrench Italian German Spanish Japanese
Languages - Audio DescriptionNone
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