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A Review On: Klipsch RF-7 II Reference Series II Flagship Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch RF-7 II Reference Series II Flagship Floorstanding Speaker

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Pros: Fill the room with sound, great frequency response, clear, clean sound

Cons: Speakers are large, wish they cost less

I purchased a pair of RF-7 II speakers in cherry,not black.

My complete setup includes a RC-62 II center channel, a pair of RS-52 II side speakers, a pair of CDT-5800-C rear ceiling speakers, a Hsu Research HVFT-3 subwoofer, Onkyo TX-NR818 receiver, Panamax M300-PM line conditioner, and KnuKonceptz CL3 12 gauge wire.

I spent over a month listening to speakers at the local retailers, speaking with friends and acquaintances, and reading online reviews and blogs. I purchased B&W speakers from a local retailer and returned them before buying the RF 7 IIs.

I bought everything online.

The RF-7 II's sound wonderful. They fill the room with sound. A friend cautioned me that the horns would be too bright and that I would grow tired of them. That certainly has not been the case. The cherry speakers are beautiful. But the speakers are a little bigger than my wife would prefer.

Our primary use for the speakers is home theater. The speakers really make watching a movie an experience.

But when my family is out I switch to Pandora Internet radio and crank up the speakers. The speakers really shine for music and at high volumes. They are able to deliver clean sound even when played loud.

I was comfortable buying most of my home theater system online just based on reviews. But I was not as comfortable buying speakers that way. I bought all my Klipsch speakers at
www.acousticsounddesign.com. Since they sold a full line of speakers I felt comfortable that they were objective about the RF-7 IIs versus competitor speakers they sold. They helped me find the right speakers for my room and listening tastes, and to match the speakers for the whole home theater.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these speakers to a friend and now confidently say that you can buy great speakers online without listening to them first.

1 Comment:

I shared the same concerns with buying these online. I would like to thank Mike Garret here at AVS with the great service and more than competitive pricing. I purchased a complete RF 7II system this summer from AVS and couldn’t be happier. I’m still amazed at how great they sound.