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Excellent floor stander-no more upgrades for me

A Review On: Klipsch RF-7 II Reference Series II Flagship Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch RF-7 II Reference Series II Flagship Floorstanding Speaker

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Pros: Sounds excellent for HT/Music

Cons: Heavy

I started out in this hobby about 25 yrs. ago with a Zenith HTIB. Gave that away and purchased JBL bookshelfs and a Bose center and Bose surrounds (not cubes). Sold that and then purchased towers and surrounds from Aperion. Started with 633s and surrounds. Upgraded within a year to the newer Aperion 6Ts. They didn't sound bad. I had 3 6Ts across the front. I was just missing movie dialogue every once in awhile. I found "B" stock Klipsch from a Authorized online Klipsch dealer and purchased 3 RF7IIs. I couldn't be happier. Have not missed any dialogue and excellent for HT and Music. Coming from using and listening to silk dome tweeters I was concerned about the horn tweeters from Klipsch. People have been known to knock on them for sounding harsh. I listen and so does my family for 8+ hours a day and no fatigue. Highly recommend the Klipsch sound. Give them a try. I have 3 across the front for a "Seamless" front stage. $2750.00 for 3 shipped to me via freight.


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