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Plagued by Hype

A Review On: Last Of Us Ps3

Last Of Us Ps3

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This game blew me away so when I read this criticism, it reminds me of the "2/10 would not bang" meme.

Joel is awesome. He's not a good guy at all. I think that's why I like him so much.

I thought the combat was kickass through and through. I can't think of a game with a better steel pipe to the face mechanic that this one. Never got old or less satisfying through the entire 16 hours I played the SP. In fact after writing this, I will load it up again just so I can brain some peeps for a few minutes.

Ellie was the star of the show in terms of characterization but i just loved playing Joel because he has to be one of the most memorable "I don't give a #!!@#" characters in video gaming history. Will brain a dozen men in an hour and then sleep like a baby that night. A true fearless survivor. Awesome, awesome, awesome dude. Reminded me a lot of Mel Gibson's character in Payback.

Anyway I can't see any other video game this year winning GOTY honors. Don't get me wrong; Bioshock Infinite is awesome. Walking Dogs will no doubt be awesome. GTA5 too. But I can't ever remember playing a video game with such memorable characters that I was so solidly rooting for.
Too bad you didn't enjoy it as much as most. This is easily the GOTY and it blows Journey, last years GOTY out of the water. The real question is whether TLOU is better than Arkham City. Close call there but I would give the nod to Arkham City.
I don't want to say flat out that you're wrong as everyone is entitled to your opinion but I strongly disagree and I would like to address why. Hopefully you can respond and debate about it, that would be nice.

I'll begin at the same place as you have in regards to discussing the game itself, with Joel. (be warned there will be SPOILERS, for any who've yet to complete it) You describe Joel as 'strong' but 'hardly likeable' and proceed to discuss in a brief sentence that he does soften up over time, but you never really say why it is towards the later half as to why you still couldn't warm to the character. For me the character is brilliantly designed to jar with the person in control.
We start the game by witnessing the beginning of the panic and the death of the daughter and as a result are given the biggest building block of the underlying story that is explored with a slow pace throughout. Through the developers choice to shuttle the scene 20 years ahead and showcase a Joel that has lost touch with 95% of his former humanity is hardly a weakness and I'd be interested to hear why you believe that this is a negative. Throughout the first half we see Joel being reluctant, harsh and rude because of his past and in my opinion it's set this way because humanity has reached such a stage (almost everybody is ruthlessly looking out for their own benefit no matter the cost) that there's almost no point in saving it.

Ellie on the other hand is the opposite of Joel, she's young and intriguied having only ever been in the real world for brief moments of time. Full of humanity and caring for those willing to allow her to. slowly bringing back some of the passion for life that was once a part of Joel, even though it means that at points he's verbally harsh towards her for although he really tries to hide his emotions relating to his daughter's murder he can't help but be reminded as they grow closer of his long forgotten past.
Joel's bitter outlook and lack of remorse for those he comes up against is never jarring (unlike with Naughty Dog's Uncharted series) as he's been a part of every side of the post cordyceps world.

Moving on you discuss the setting almost as just another 'Zombie' game, which is somewhat entitled, however when you briefly mention the driving force of the narative (the cure) you simply shrug it off and as a result miss the point of the game. it's not just about getting from point a to be. it's about the story of Joel and ellie, the relationship and how the characters strengthen one another, bringing Ellie to a greater realization of the situation and humbling Joel back to a point where he litteraly chooses his own self interest above the greater good's and even Ellie's herself.

Also, what about the weapon system is wacky and what is it that makes you feel like it works against the stealth/ survival approach?
I agree that the game is overrated. Sure, it's a great game and all, but all of these people worshiping it like it's the best game to hit the PS3, are just out of their minds.
How about NO! Nice try with the review. Don't quit your day job. Try reviewing Power Rangers before tackling something like this.
UMM this review is a joke. The Last of Us was one of the most amazing games Ive played this year along with one of the best looking games ive ever seen. Dude needs to get his setup calibrated or something dang.
Also check it its Metacritic score of 95. Im tired of reading subjective reviews.
Wow, what is with the terrible reviews of games on this site? That trash Star Trek game gets almost 5 stars and one of the best releases of this generation gets 3.5? Lackluster graphics? What a joke.
This person who reviewed this game should never be allowed to review a game again. What's a good game to him Pokemon?
I agree, the reviews on this site could be better.
The fact that you think The Last of Us has "lackluster graphics" removes any and all credibility you might have had as a game reviewer.
"lackluster graphics" and yet it has the best graphics of any console game this generation. be serious
What I learned from the responses here: Apparently opinions can be wrong.

It's the guys opinion. Maybe he has different tastes. Maybe he primarily games on a PC so the visuals would be lackluster.
If he primarily games on a PC he should have mentioned that as a point of reference. He did not. If you've played this game or even seen it, you'd know that he is in fact, 100% wrong. Opinion or not.

The review not only amateurish, it's also poorly written:

- I stand strong by it.

- but the delivery was somewhat soft. (what does that even mean?)

If you want a well written and accurate review of this game go to IGN.
Or gamerevolution! They have good reviews. Sorry, I need to plug them. They need the traffic.

See, I haven't played The Last of Us to know his credibility. I definitely want to give it a go.
This must have been written by an 11 year old. this review sucks the biggon.
People came to see my review just to hate on it? Thats pretty lame. I'm not writing an objective review this is just my opinion, and the last time I checked, yes, I am entitled to one. Like I said, it's not the popular opinion, but it is mine. Thanks for all the views folks.
Nope we came to read it, and then hate it. Now you will be plagued by bad hyped rep. congrats
If you're going to put a score on a game that others feel is unjustified by the small pieces of information and largely opinionated writing that explains it, why wouldn't they voice it?

If you want people to understand from your point of view, there needs to be a greater level of depth. The review feels more like a summary of a review.

If you could provide some of the counter arguments to my opinion stated above i'd be More than happy to debate the game's merit.
Maybe what he is meaning on the review is that the story is very predictable...Zombie, cure... transport the cure from point A to B...if she dies the world ends !!!

so yes is very predictable as a chick flick movie... but the story is really good along with graphics..
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