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A Review On: Last Of Us Ps3

Last Of Us Ps3

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Pros: A game that truly has a better story than most movies in the zombie genre. The best gaming experience in my 30 years of gaming.

Cons: Only niggles. It is very well focused on what it sets out to do.

I won't bother with the backstory. It's been told before.

I can see how some people would dislike the fighting mechanics. The game itself is somewhat different than the traditional third person shooter. Unlike the "Uncharted" games, this is not meant to be played with guns blazing and ammo clips emptying every 10 seconds. The combat is designed to be played much more slowly and methodically. With stealth and guerrilla tactics taking over for pure firepower and frontal assaults. The benefit being that periods when enemies surround you become that much more intense. The objective though is to convey that actions take time. You can't swap a rifle over your shoulder and then unholster a handgun in the blink of an eye in real life (like you can in most shooters) and you can't in TLOU either. It makes you be much more aware of your tactics and your limitations. Personally, I find it a breath of fresh air in the genre.

The story. It is quite a bit above average for zombie fair. And I say that comparing it to all works of fiction from literary works to film. This story blows away anything you've played in a game for plot, exposition and character development, and it is quite above average compared to other mediums. You truly worry about what happens to the characters. An impressive feat.

I don't know how well the visuals compare to today's offerings on PS4, but on a 120" HT w/ 7.2 surround, it is both amazing and terrifying at times. Plus it is enjoyable to just experience all the work put into truly filling out each area/building on the map such that you never feel like, "I've been here before."

At it's core it is a game that sets out to allow you to become part of a very deep and enveloping story, that allows you to truly care about the characters while forcing you to put them into dangerous circumstances that you are hesitant to do, but know you must to further the character's objectives.

Prior to this game I have always maintained that Zelda OOT was and has been my favorite gaming experience of all time, TLOU has replaced that easily.


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I agree. In my opinion this was the best PS3 game of the console generation. Graphics are not up to par with current PC games, of course, but they are of Uncharted 2/3 quality. The face visuals rendered during cutscenes, however, are the best that I have ever seen.
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