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Legacy Audio: Focus SE Floorstanding Speakers and Marquis HD Center Channel Speaker

A Review On: Legacy Audio Focus SE

Legacy Audio Focus SE

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Well written review BB.
Excellent Review, Matt.
Great review Matt. I agree on the "Audiophile" speaker comment.
Great job Matt.
TAS will be calling soon . . .
Thank you gentlemen! I recently discovered that AVS allowed user to review their gear, so I just had to review the new Legacy speakers!
Nice review, need more videos lol
hey BB..i was wondering what you will replace ..the klipsch..with now i see ..lol nice ...
Hell ya. Awesome review! Huge fan of Legacy audio and Hans Zimmer

Simply fantastic review. Please let me know when I can hear these puppies.
Very nice intelligent review, well done.
It would have been funny if Brolic ended the review not liking the Legacy's...
Great review. I will say though that I'm always taken aback with the "more power and they sound better" line of thinking.

Well, yeah, it's been proven time and time again that increasing volume levels increases a human's perception that the sound is "better", so along those lines, louder playback may be "better", but unless you need to reach "x" spl are you really any better off driving a loudspeaker with 5 watts from an AVR than 5 watts from a 1000 watt monoblock? A massive number of amplifier ABX's have said not at all. And to those not aware: just 1-5 watts can drive many loudspeakers (let's say with 90+db sensitivity) to very loud levels- dynamics and all- in most rooms. Grab a meter and see for yourself.

Onward, a huge number of speakers will play insufferably loud in most rooms, cleanly, with just 100 watts of power, so I wonder with the purchase of amplifiers with thousands of watts on tap if either: A. people have, literally, monstrously sized rooms they are mandated to fill to huge levels. B. Are looking to destroy their hearing with 110-130 db listening sessions (and yes you will destroy your hearing at these levels, regardless of distortion levels) or C. simply to win a spec war. I honestly don't see another obvious option.

These look like fantastic speakers though, no doubt. Legacy has always been a brand to me that seems to have an odd spot in this hobby...they're well reviewed and a bit pricey, but you don't always necessarily hear them name-dropped with other higher-end manufacturers. Likely a marketing thing, I'm sure.
great review BB.

After all of these years LEGACY still manages to fly under the rader while remaining one of the greatest values to be had, and "best kept secrets" in the business...shhhhh don't tell anyone, let's keep it this way. LOL. I've had direct experience with their products for the past 20+ years and i love their business model. They are in an interesting spot in the market, as they compete with products MULTIPLE times their MSRP, and IMHO outperform similarly priced competition. If you guys haven't heard these or any of LEGACY's loudspeakers please do your self a favor and audition these bad boys.
Sound like they are nice speakers,but I still like BW's better
I have no doubt these speakers sound superb. If you don't have $13K+ to drop on a pair of speakers, you might look at the Golden Ear Triton 2, which is a generally similar design (only 1 AMT tweeter, but the woofers are self powered) and also images as well as any speaker I have ever heard.
I sold a set of pre-motion SE's last year. Looks like I missed them so much I may be getting another set... but the new Air Motion this time.

The clarity, transparency and sheer invisible nature of these speakers is hard to give up.
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