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A Review On: LG Electronics PA70G Micro-Portable LED Projector

LG Electronics PA70G Micro-Portable LED Projector

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Pros: LED Lamp (30,000 hours), Price, WXGA / 720P, Portable, Built in Document Viewer / Media Player (USB)

Cons: 700 ANSI Lumens

Let me preface this review by stating that I am neither an Audiophile nor Videophile. I am an average Joe who enjoys movies, and tinkers with HTPCs in my free time.

I was looking to upgrade my 32" LCD monitor, searching for the most bang for my (limited) buck. The cost of replacement bulbs had always kept me from considering a projector until now. The LED light source made it easy for me to take that leap of faith and leave the flat panel behind. I got lucky and scored this unit, a 100" pull down screen, and a ceiling mount for under $500 total, just after Black Friday at Fry's.

The projector fills the 100" screen perfectly with a throw distance of just under 10'. The 1280x800 picture looks great with a minimum viewing distance of at least 6' or so. With only 700 ANSI lumens, be prepared to draw the blinds, but the picture quality is outstanding in a darkened room. I have not experienced any rainbow effect, nor the focus issues reported by some. My only gripe is some minor motion blur during fast action scenes, which could even be attributed to the source, my afore mentioned HTPC.

While this unit is marketed as a business projector, don't put it in the same category as the other portable (sub 500 lumen) LED projectors, as this one will make a fine addition to any working man's home theater. All things considered, I would recommend this unit to anyone on a budget looking for their first projector...


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