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Logitech Harmony 890 Universal Remote

A Review On: Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote - Universal Remote Control

Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote - Universal Remote Control

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Pros: Controls most everything, even weird off brand equipment

Cons: A pain to program

This system nearly stopped the complaints from my wife about multiple wireless remotes. After multiple attempts to control my theaters many systems (which consists of RS1 projector, Onkyo master receiver, Sony receiver, PS-3, Dish receiver, Sony DVD, Chinese curtain puller, HDMI switcher and Lutron lighting system) All systems now operate with a single button, except one ....

I gave up trying to control the on/off function of the Dish receiver model ViP 722 DVR. Although this receiver is listed in the master programming list. The controls is only sporadic. If this works at all, its only after the remote comes off the charging cradle.

Others have had similar issues based on comments I found on the internet suggesting the remotes granularity in command timing is the root problem. It seems the Dish receivers commands use timing intervals that cannot be adequately replicated. In any event, I gave up and use 2 remotes in the theater to watch satellite TV. (which still pisses off my wife).

The only remaining complaint is the problem of programming the unit. I have to disconnect the unit from the equipment it controls and drag it to a near by pc, program it, then reconnect it to the equipment to verify and check out its function. This is tedious and not without error.

Aside from the gripes above, The system has functioned reliably for five years.


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