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M80 v3 Floorstanding Speaker - Boston Cherry


Pros: Exceptional value, very clear and detailed sound at all volumes.

Cons: You may need/want to power them with a separate amp.

Sept. 2013 edit.
I feel need to clarify my statement about needing and amp (you may not depending on your listening distance and whether you are running them with powered subs). These sound so good/clear that you will turn them up.
They have a high efficiency, no distortion when adequately powered and reproduce what you give them.

Good source in = steal for $1500.

Edited original review.
At first I did find the highs to be very present?, there was a lot more from these than I'd heard form my previous speakers. After a few hours (about 20) play time the highs blended very nicely and were no longer drawing my attention away from the music (It was me, no doubt, not break in).
The realism/clarity still amazes me, I hadn't realized how much I had been missing before. I find myself appreciating a lot more music now.
With typical/average recordings and downloaded music they sound very nice. With good quality recordings they amaze.
There are a few recordings in my wallets that I can no longer listen to, like listening to an old am radio, but I'll trade amazingly true sound for bad recordings any day.
I have installed an amp (a guys gotta party once in a while) and I am now enjoying them at their true potential for several hours a day. (This is no longer true but its nearly winter again.)
They were exceptionally well packaged, were exactly as ordered and they look great.
I'm very satisfied.

Edit: I like them so much I'm getting one for the center.

Re Edit: I liked them so much I ordered 3 M80HP for LCR. Can't wait.
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M80 v3 Floorstanding Speaker - Boston Cherry

The ultimate "audiophile" loudspeaker for any musical and home-theater performance. Capable of withstanding absurd amounts of power, your investment will yield years of unparalleled enjoyment. Triple vortex-ported bass reflex enclosure. Gold-plated signal posts. Bi-ampable and video-shielded to expand your options. Expand your expectations, and hear what the pros are talking about! Finished in Boston Cherry with Black Grille.

FeatureFree Shipping in USA and Canada Great for medium to large-sized rooms. Titanium Tweeter and Aluminum Woofer Priced Per Pair
Item Height39.5
Item Width9.25
MPNM80ti - Boston Cherry
PartNumberM80ti - Boston Cherry
TitleM80 v3 Floorstanding Speaker - Boston Cherry
UPCList - UPCListElement828892102431
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementM80ti - Boston Cherry
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
AVS › Reviews › Speakers & Subwoofers › Floorstanding Speakers › M80 v3 Floorstanding Speaker - Boston Cherry