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Mitsubishi HC7800D Projector Full Hd 3d Projector

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Pros: Excellent color and picture. Excellent black levels. Very little adjustment required out of the box. Test patterns were really helpful for setup.

Cons: Occasionally gets stuck switching between RGB and component video inputs. Doesn't come with 3D glasses and they are pricey.

I've owned this projector for about 16 months and I really love it. It is ceiling mounted in a small home theater room on a 96" diagonal screen. It is so good I don't see much point in going out to the movies any more. This is my second projector. Both have been DLP technology. I'm sticking with DLP because I still see issues develop over the years with the LCD projectors we have at work. I'm also a firm believer in buying projectors specifically designed for home theater, particularly having only RGB color wheel. I have never had any issue getting the colors right. Dedicated home theater projectors cost a bit more, but I think it's worth it in picture quality. I've used it only with component and RGB video inputs. Haven't used HDMI because I have only component and RGB cables fished through my walls and ceiling and my receiver doesn't support HDMI 1.3. I'm not a fan of 3D so that isn't bothering me.

When it gets stuck switching between RGB and component, it really gets stuck. Power button doesn't even work. It will recover if I turn off the component video input. The issue doesn't happen when switching from component video to RGB. I used to play DVDs from my computer, but with upgrade to Blu-Ray and the known issue, I just let my receiver switch the inputs and just send component video to projector. The projector casts a slight halo of light on the floor about 6" in front of the screen. I only notice occasionally and it is unnoticeable if the movie is commanding attention. Other small nits are that the picture is off by about 3/32" (2.4 mm) from being perfectly rectangular. Nobody has noticed, it's just one of those things I notice since I set the system up.
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Mitsubishi HC7800D Projector Full Hd 3d Projector

DLP in 3D Brings the 3D experience to DLP in-home projection Built-in 2D to 3D converter Built-in motion-vector technology for high-precision conversion High contrast Instantaneous iris adjustment for high 100,000:1 contrast Cinema color filter Wide-range cinema color filter adjusts color balance for exceptional color and depth Description 3D Home Theater Projector with True Cinema Quality Bring 3D theater home with this stunning, DLP HD projector 3D Projection The HC7800D is Mitsubishi's first 3D in DLP home theater projector Native 1080p High definition 1080p resolution for amazing picture quality HDMI connectivity Includes two HDMI v1.4 input. Allows for the latest features including Deep Color and full 3D compatibility 3D Converter Integrated 2D to 3D conversion technology brings even classic movies to life in 3D Color Management Our new color management feature allows users to adjust images to their color preferences. Red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow can each be adjusted individually with out affecting the color quality of other colors

Feature3D Ready
Item Height5.6 inches
Item Length12.9 inches
Item Width15.6 inches
Package Height12.9 inches
Package Length18.9 inches
Package Weight16.8 pounds
Package Width15.4 inches
ProductGroupOffice Product
TitleMitsubishi HC7800D Projector Full Hd 3d Projector
UPCList - UPCListElement082400032690 008240032690
Item Weight12.35 pounds
Warranty3-Year factory parts & labor warranty
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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