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Great inexpensive projector

A Review On: Mitsubishi HD1000U

Mitsubishi HD1000U

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The Hound
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Pros: Picture quality, price,

Cons: bulb life

I bought this projector right after they came out. At the time I was looking at a 31" HDTV for 700, 800 dollars. When the Mitsubishi’s went on sale for 700 I couldn't resist, screen size was now not an issue. My theater is my living room so brightness was a concern. At 15' the 1500 lumens from the HD1000 still won’t cut through a sunny July morning but, pull the curtains and it has plenty of power in high lamp mode to watch comfortably all day. My screen is a DIY retractable, 96", 16:9, acoustically transparent SMX screen. I wanted to go 120" but that meant buying another yard of material and finding a suitable length pipe for the screen to roll onto. (not worth it at the time). I use the Avia calibration disc and the colors are spectacular. The only color that gives me issues is, Day-Glo green, like in NASCAR. It just isn't quite right. Black levels could be better but, it does a very good job on shadowing. You can definitely see the black lapel on the black tuxedo against the black wall. As far as rainbow effect, I only see it if I turn my head fast when there are sharp contrasting images on the screen. Projector is good to go on connectivity. I use the HDMI, Component and VGA inputs. Only when using the VGA input you have to reset the over scan each time so the image fills the whole screen. You have the option of three preset calibrations on the remote for each input. I have one preset calibrated for optimum no light, pitch black watching and another for room filling daylight watching, for each input. For daylight watching I calibrate it with high lamp, in the sports mode and then use the brilliant color mode to brighten it farther. For Pitch black calibration I use low lamp. I use the trigger to tell my screen to roll up and down, very trick. smile.gif This projector is great, easy to use, set was simple. I swung a 15' line from the top corners of the screen and marked the arc on the ceiling. Where the arcs crossed I centered and lined up the front of the projector, I used no keystone options.

You can still find them or it's offspring around for a couple hundred bucks. I would grab one.
I wish the lamp lasted longer but, it makes it all the way to its 3000 hour life with minimal fade.


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