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Gets rid of annoying "out of sync" component problems!

A Review On: NEW Hot Link XL CAT5 Extendable IR Booster System (Custom Installation)

NEW Hot Link XL CAT5 Extendable IR Booster System (Custom Installation)

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Pros: Works with RCMM codes, Very long range, cool feedback LED, can use Cat 5 for wiring flexibility

Cons: Looks clunky (except for LED) so need to keep out of sight (easy to do though as cables are long and can place boxes strategically)

This is an amazing piece of equipment at a fraction of the cost of the Niles Audio remote extenders -- which are the only two choices if you have any Philips RCMM code equipment (I have had both DirecTivo and now AT&T Uverse/Motorola VIP 1216). RCMM stuff just doesn't work well with most extenders, but it does here. The other thing is that the sensor is very, very sensitive. Your existing remotes will work from 40-50 ft away. (My kitchen overlooks family/media room so now I can use the remote all the way from the refrigerator on the far side of the kitchen -- cool!) It looks clunky -- I think it's better now with two boxes, my old one has 3 boxes (HotLink, mini-extender to modulate to Cat5, demodulator/emitter box), but cables are long and you can route them into strategic places behind your TV, speakers or cabinet. I put the blue LED right behind the glass stem on my Samsung LN46C670 so the prism-like stem glows blue as a remote confirmation. Users of the system get a great experience -- only one place to point the remote -- directly at the TV as is psychologically correct -- no more saying "point it more downward or upward" etc. Power on/off of all components from my URC R50 remote is much improved because the remote only needs to point to one place to access multiple components. And of course all the components can be behind a cabinet. This device has been a real improvement to my system and I recommend it highly.


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