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Next Generation Remote Control Extender

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Pros: Very easy to set up. No need to buy/install IR "targets."

Cons: Remote to be converted must use AA or AAA batteries

This is a simple, clever idea: convert any infrared remote into a UHF remote by putting a UHF transmitter in the remote's battery compartment. The product contains a transmitter and a rechargeable battery. When the battery is inserted into the transmitter, the combo is the size of a AAA battery, so you simply replace one AAA battery from your remote with this combo. (If your remote uses AA batteries, there is a AA-battery-sized sleeve included that will let the transmitter replace a AA battery as well.) That way there are no infrared targets to buy or install in other rooms, nothing cumbersome to attach to the remote being converted, and the converted remote will work from anywhere within about 100 feet of the receiver.

The "flying saucer" simply receives UHF signals from the transmitter and emits them via its own infrared LED. Just place it near the device(s) to be controlled by the converted remote and plug it in. The flying saucer's base also contains a charger for the rechargeable battery.

The product comes with an extra rechargeable battery, which you can leave in the charger. That way when the one in your remote runs down, just switch it with the spare and you're back in business.

I've seen this product sold in both 418 MHz and 433 MHz versions, so if you or a neighbor already has a UHF remote, pick the frequency that won't interfere.
Next Generation Remote Control Extender

HI Speed chip sets works MHZConvert existing IR remote to digital RF by replacing 1 battery in a remote with the battery transmitterControl 2 same-brand components independently from anywhere in the houseWorks with most AA and AAA remotesReceiver has built-in chargerAvailable in 433 MHz or 418 MHz frequenciesIncludes single-eye IR emitter and 2 2/3 AA specially sized rechargeable batteries

BrandNext Generation
FeatureTurns any IR remote into RF by simply installing the battery transmitter Go room to room and control your components up to 100' away No direct line of sight needed Includes AAA battery transmitter with AA sleeve and receiver with built-in recharger 433.92 MHz Unit
Item Height2.1 inches
Item Length10 inches
Item Width8.2 inches
LabelNext Generation
ManufacturerNext Generation
Package Height3 inches
Package Length10 inches
Package Weight0.6 pounds
Package Width8 inches
PublisherNext Generation
StudioNext Generation
TitleNext Generation Remote Control Extender
UPCList - UPCListElement830022004331
Item Weight0.8 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementA00-002-FSY ATH-AAA 141951 809-55681
DepartmentHome Audio Video
LegalDisclaimerWarranty does not cover misuse of product.
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
AVS › Reviews › Accessories › Next Generation Remote Control Extender