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"Wanna fight?"

A Review On: NHL 14

NHL 14

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Thanks for the review. Not a big fan of hockey games;; only sports games i like are football and baseball. EA Sports; it's in the shame.
This is one of the worst reviews I have ever read. Did you even play the game? If you play in the "High Impact" mode, there are tons of fights and the game is ridiculously unrealistic. But if you put it in any other mode, the game is very much like real life. The comments you made about no offsides/icing are not true at all. And, poke checks are much more like they actually happen on the ice. In the older games, if you poke checked anywhere near where the offensive player, he would lose the puck. In '14, they made it more realistic, so NHL-caliber players can actually hold onto the puck. They have changed quite a bit in this new game, too. The skating is better, the goalies are better (contrary to what you said), the hitting and player physics are completely redone (far more realistic than previous games), and the new fighting engine used is a HUGE improvement. It is no longer just a punch-in-the-face contest. Fighting actually takes skill and strategy to win, now.

I'm not really sure what made you hate the game so much, but your review was extremely inaccurate.
agree with above, i've already played nhl14 more than i played nhl13. i do play in the high impact mode, because i already play 'real hockey', i don't need to simulate that, i find that boring compared to being on the ice. but the arcade style you get reminds me of the 'good ol days' of the NHL franchise when you regularly had 50+ hits in a single game. super fun. either way, it's your OPTION so neither can be a con, yet both can be a pro. it's both super realistic and a good 'sim' style and a super fun pick up and play 'arcade' style depending on your settings.
i do wish there were more options for the fighting though. 3 settings(off, almost every big hit, all the freaking time) really don't give you enough options. i wish i could play the big hitting arcade style without having 3-4 fights a game minimum. they really slow down the action. this is the first year i've actually wanted to leave fighting on, it's a shame i can't tone it down to a once a game max setting.
i also wish they'd make one timers easy again. it's been a couple years since one timers worked. i think it's kind of sad that a wrist shot from high slot can be so effective, but a one timer on a great cross ice pass will almost never score.
its funny, it's been like this for years, where it appears nothing really changes in the gameplay. but after playing the new version for a little bit, you go back to the old one(to finish off your season or whatever) and suddenly you realize how terrible it feels compared to the new one. that's been my experience since about 09.
oh, here's my biggest complaint, why the heck can't we load careers from previous versions. i mean i almost never get through more than one season, especially with the BAP(live the life) modes it just makes sense that i could continue my progress from the last year, and the year before that, etc instead of having to start 100% fresh every time. there's only so many times i want to start at the bottom before i'm going to say f-it to that mode altogether.
oh, i also wanted to quickly comment on the team ratings. this is NHL14, not NHL13. how the teams performed LAST year is not what the ratings are based on. it's how good the teams are THIS year. whether or not you agree with those ratings could still be debated, but at least use this years rosters to argue that, not last year's
And, another thing... who the hell doesn't have internet access???
I won't comment on the review because I ONLY play the EA NHL series online. So I will review that portion of the game for anyone interested.

I have been playing online NHL since 09. I play an average of around 1,500 games a year. My team (Long Duck Danglers) is a top 100 team so my perspective is playing with and against other highly skilled players. I also play only defense for the most part, so I will cover that aspect the most.

The good. The skating has been revamped slightly, but for the better. Pivots are (mostly) much quicker then last year where you couldn't do anything from a standstill or turning a 180 was very slow and you could get caught in transition. Passing is better this year and more responsive most of the time. Its just more fun playing other humans this year. 13 was probably the worst of all the games, even with the skating changes. Hitting is MUCH improved for the most part. You basically don't have to use the right stick for hitting if you don't want to. Its automatic which is huge for a D-man when a skater tries to deke. You can actually separate the puck carrier from the puck now. Its less of an all or nothing checking which is nice. Its not perfect, and some may not like the automatic checking which can cause penalties when you don't want to check, but its much better now. Stick lifting actually works now. Poke checking has been lowered, but with checking and stick lifts you have more options now. The new checking really helps against the QC kiddies who try to dangle up the ice all day.

They now have divisions like in FIFA. I love this. We get to play others at our skill level game in and game out. This is huge. It also helps newcomers to only play other new clubs. Unless a skilled team remakes their club, you have a much higher chance of playing someone of the same skill level. If you play enough games, you will settle into the correct division according to your skill level.

The bad. They still haven't fixed vision control which can be frustrating as a d man in front of the net to actually face the puck and be in position to intercept a pass or check someone in front of the net. Its doable, but takes a lot of practice and it should be easier. You still can't pick off easy passes, even when you have perfect position and can see the puck coming a mile away. This NEEDS to be fixed. Fighting still happens too much, even in 6v6 games. They just need to tone it down more.

The high slot shot is easier this year and they need to tighten that up a little more, but it can at least be defended most of the time.

There is one downside to the divisions approach as stated above. If you are a top 6v6 team, you don't have too many others to play against and it can be harder to find games.

Overall, this is one of the most fun games to date online, especially 6v6 where you don't have to worry about crappy computers. Some tweaks to gameplay and it can only get better.
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