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Very Capable AVR

A Review On: Onkyo HT-RC180 Receiver

Onkyo HT-RC180 Receiver

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Pros: design, features, ease of use

Cons: gets hot

This is my first AVR, used to have component audio back in the 70s, so this was/is all new to me & after reading forums & reviews, had narrowed my search to this model or a Yamaha & picked this one as it has phono outs & I still have a record collection from way back. This receiver has lived up to my expectations & more. Works flawlessly & is on most days a good 18 hours!! Either music or movies, it drives them all with nary a complaint. Only thing I've noticed is it does put out the heat so it has plenty of room to breathe as I've read many time over how an avr failed due to a melted board etc. I wouldn't have been able to afford this full price but was able to purchase it refurbed at A4L & was a great buy imho. Has more connections than I'll ever use, but nice to know they're there!! Is also great for streaming content from my htpc using dlna.

Update: HDMI board failure Aug '13, Onkyo did a one time out of warranty repair, shipped the unit to Calif at my cost ($37) & had unit back in just under 3 wks, working fine still. Have upgraded all my speakers from the Monitor line to RTi's & they sound beautiful!! Am planning to upgrade to an 818 eventually though just for a bump in wpc. Keep this one as a spare.tongue.gif

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I have the Onkyo 509 AVR and it performs just as your RC180: flawlessly. This is my third Onkyo component and I have no complaints with their amps and receivers. Their cd players are great too, but their DVD players are somewhat suspect. And yes, I got mine from Accessories4Less also. Can't be their prices on refurbed products.
AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Onkyo HT-RC180 Receiver › Reviews › wtxgringo's Review