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Great receiver for the price

A Review On: Onkyo TX-NR818

Onkyo TX-NR818

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Pros: Features for the price, Audyssey XT32, and easy setup

Cons: HDMI board may have issues and no included WiFi dongle

This is my first receiver so not much to compare to, but it is a great first receiver. I have owned this receiver for almost a year now and it has been wonderful to use and setup. I did a lot of research before buying this receiver and it had many great things like Audyssey XT32, 4K, and dual sub-woofer capability that usually you have to pay more for. That was enough to make me buy this over the Denon I was originally wanting, so far happy with my decision. I also like how you can dim the LCD and that the universal remote is mostly functional with other equipment. It does a good job at giving you the basics for your other devices. Audyssey XT32 does a good job with my KEF speakers and SVS PC12+ sub setup in my room, and the TX-NR818 powers the equipment without issue. The sound is good and makes a great hub for my TV, xbox, dish, and OPPO to connect through. At the price that it was selling during black Friday last year it was well worth it. I did wish that it had a WiFi dongle included to connect to my network, but my other equipment does most everything this one does so I just use those instead. I did update its firmware once with a USB drive which was easy to do. The receiver is big and has a good weight to it. I do like the aluminum construction and the amount of connectors in the back. I bought this so it will last through many years of use, hopefully. The features are nice and seems well built, but I do hope that the unit stays reliable.

I have had no major problems with it, but did have one instance of were I got sound with no video from it. After I cycled power on the receiver it has been problem free. Not sure how Onkyo support is but hopefully will never have to talk to them.


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