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A Review On: Onkyo TX-SR607 Receiver

Onkyo TX-SR607 Receiver

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Pros: Features to $$$ benefits, 2 subwoofer pre-outs (7.2)

Cons: Will it last?

Bought this used locally from craigslist for $100 in "as new" condition, all accessories, manuals and box - really like brand new. At $1.11 per watt, it was a GREAT bargain. It worked mostly fine for the first month, but lately the video signal cuts out to my projector through the HDMI connection - this may not be the receiver, but rather the cable or line voltage drops which I am reading HDMI is sensitive to (something about losing the handshake between). All sources produce this same problem. Video cuts out after a few moments and screen goes to snow, then the pj displays a signal not recognized message, then the video comes back, and repeats. ALSO, pressing the video button (to change settings) has no effect, not sure why. Overall I like the receiver. Wish it did upscale to 1080p instead of just 1080i. I'm reading that the HDMI boards go out, as does the front display on this model. Knock on wood this one lasts. If not, will probably go back to Yamaha.


I dont mean to scare you....just inform you....those are the exact symptoms my 607 experienced before the HDMI board needed to be replaced.
The difference is, after repair, I retired the 607 to the basement, bought a new NR809 as my main. I'm still convinced Onkyo makes a pretty solid product for the money!
In this short of time since posting, I've bought a Yamaha AV receiver (again used, again $100 - gotta love Craigslist). The Onkyo is sitting this one out for now. I'm really disappointed to hear they are so troublesome. You are right the $/value ratio is very high, but you take a BIG gamble as they could crap out.
AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Onkyo TX-SR607 Receiver › Reviews › DaveCarrera4's Review