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This is the ONLY blu ray player you will want to own! Awesome is putting it mildly. And less than $600!!

A Review On: OPPO BDP-103 3D Blu-ray Player

OPPO BDP-103 3D Blu-ray Player

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Pros: Quick start, 3D capability, DVD Audio and SACD playback, Amazing video and audio, Easy set up

Cons: None

I have owned a few blu ray players in the past and never truly satisfied until my dream machine was released at well under a thousand bucks! I have been dreaming of owning an Oppo since I remember blu ray players getting popular (I am early adopter since HD-DVD/blu ray war).but never could find myself putting out so much money on a disc player. All the other Oppo players were way over a thousand bucks and the BDP 103 was released at about $500. Some people may still find that steep on their budget, but I knew I have been needing a player that can handle playing my high resolution audio discs like SACD and DVD Audio from years ago. I always used my old Pioneer Elite DVD player from years ago to play these, but once the Oppo found its new home, the old Pioneer (which wouldn't play video, just audio...strange) went to the curb. Upon getting my new Oppo, I was amazed at how easy it was to set up. My other blu ray players were more complicated setting up. At first I was using an older Denon receiver with no HDMI (but had an awesome 7 channel analog decoder for my SACDs and DVD Audios) and thought I would really get the best out of this wonderful Oppo machine by plugging it into a high end 9.2 THX surround sound system with HDMI. Now the Oppo really came alive!! Using the HDMI (instead of digital fiber optic) for picture and sound, I witnessed what the Oppo 103 could really do! I use this player 90% of the time (until there is a baseball game on) for watching blu rays, DVDs, Netflix, YouTube and other services. I have the internet plugged into the back of the Oppo player to make sure I won't have any problems using internet services (it does have built in Wi-Fi) but being a movie geek and not a computer geek, I didn't want to take the chance of losing signal while watching Netflix. I am amazed at how fast a disc starts playing! It used to take a few minutes (sometimes four) with my other machines. Not with this Oppo. I hope I never have to buy another blu ray player again. Ordered mine from BombayElectronics.com. They ship for free (in US) and it was delivered in a few days.
Look up Oppo players on their website. You will be glad you did. I know I am very proud of my Oppo!! Won't buy any other name.

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Does it have a built in browser and will it play flash video online?
AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Players › OPPO BDP-103 3D Blu-ray Player › Reviews › montybritton's Review