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More than just a Blu-ray player

A Review On: OPPO BDP-103 3D Blu-ray Player

OPPO BDP-103 3D Blu-ray Player

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Pros: Top Quality Hardware, Very Fast Loading, Great Upscaling Capabilities

Cons: Network browsing interface could use some improvement

The Oppo BDP-103 is my first actual blu-ray player. I had previously been using PowerDVD on my HTPC. Overall I am very pleased with the Oppo, the attention to detail really shines through as soon as you open the box. Unboxing it reminded me of unboxing an Apple product. Once I had it installed, my impression only improved. The load times are extremely fast, the main interface is simple and pleasing, and the picture quality is phenomenal.

The BDP-103 also solved another problem I had been having with my Home Theater. I have a DirecTV HR34 and a Denon AVR-4520CI. These two units refused to work together with the DirecTV box in native mode (HDMI Handshake Issues). This means I was unable to upscale my DirecTV feed before sending it to my projector. I tried plugging the output of the HR34 into the HDMI input on the Oppo and then out to my AVR and it works fantastic. It has no problem reacquiring a handshake with the DirecTV box as it changes resolution to match the native output of the tuned channel. The Oppo then scales it to 1080p beautifully. I particularly like the 'Info' screen that shows the details of the incoming signal such as Resolution, Color Space, and even Audio information and also shows what is being output to the AVR.

In the past, I had ripped my Blu-rays in BDMV format onto my NAS to be played by PowerDVD. Sadly, the Oppo cannot play these BDMV files from the network share. I understand this is a feature they are not allowed to release. However, the Oppo has no problem playing Remuxed MKV's from my NAS. This has becoming my preferred method for storing my movies. I love no longer having to struggle with frame rate problems between Window's drivers and PowerDVD.

Overall I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I plan to purchase Oppo's new models every year until I have one at every TV in my house.


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AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Players › OPPO BDP-103 3D Blu-ray Player › Reviews › drewconner's Review