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Oppo bdp-105 - Audiocom Reference


Pros: outstanding bdp with bonus reference 2 ch player that rival the mega $$$ audiophile cdp

Cons: long run-in time >260hrs to truely shows its reference quality sound

Like a soup-up 500hp BMW on slick vs a Factory Porsche 911, which one will kick ass more? That's my impression of Audiocom Oppo 105 Reference vs some of the mega $ cdp out there!
My listening usage is more HT now but I had my days with 2ch, AN CDT2 MKII transport, DAC3.1Sig fitted with Telefunken ECC802s tubes (best 6922 tube period, cost me $300 each) & upgrade BG-n caps, Lamm LL2 tube pre, Symphonic Line amp, ProAc2.5 Spk, Hydra 2 for pre Hydra 4 for source & dedicated line for amp. It was awesome then but real world space, listen to music more with IP5 & more movies watching made me down size almost completely!?!
My current gear are less & less separate:
-Audiocom Oppo 105-bdp Reference with Bybee Quantum Slipstream Purifier fitted
-Anthem MRX700 av amp (fuse HiFi Tuning silver), ARC room correction is awesome, it's the next revolution, must try!
-ProAc 110 spk, must run-in > 600hrs for this bookshelf low frequency to fully develop!
-Rymithk F12 sub, best 12" sub $ can buy IMHO, feed thru DSpeaker Anti-mode8033 bass correction
-Shunyata Hydra 4 PC
-VH Audio Spectrum IC
-TAOC AS3 rack
I know what you are thinking, my av amp is my weak link but to my own surprise having Audiocom Oppo105 Ref as source transform my system up 5 notch. I'm hearing about 85% of when I had my $20k 2ch tubes system, amazing! Actually in certain area maybe even better?
One of my favorite demo cd -Diana Krall, Live in Paris, track 7 Devil May Care. Funny about this cd, with lesser gear can sound flat & dual but good gear can really put you Live in Paris. About halfway this song, there's a 1min drums solo. With decent gear, double bass, separation of each drum, wack of drumstick can be heard distinctly & clearly in a live sense. With lesser gear, everything are more mash together, less live, Diana voice may sound like shouting instead of singing.
I'm happy to find that with Audiocom Oppo, Diana voice is sweet & sexy even during high pitch, while each drum wack is well separated & can be heard clearly, distinctly with powerful impact, awesome!
Some movie effect experience, I watch Hansel & Gretel -Witch Hunters. A scene where Hansel throw a knife landed on an old wooded door that normally sound "schmmm... tin..tin.." from my previous well run-in Oppo 95. With Audiocom Oppo105 the sound is much more real, dimensional & better textured especially the flapping ringing of the knife "tin..tin..tin..tin... that linger & linger, so real, so awesome!! I know Oppo105 is slightly better than Oppo95 but Audiocom Oppo105 Ref sounded so much more real & hugely better! I thought Oppo95 sound is already very good, one of the best for movies dts Master Audio /Dolby True HD experience. I was wrong, my Audiocom Oppo105 Reference bought me to a whole new level of movie sound experience that must be heard to believe! You guys are missing out what Bluray disk has to offer if you have a lessor bdp. Overall & especially with scene where there are multiple sound of gun fire explosion crashing background music & voice shouting can sound like just noise even with well run-in factory oppo95, but not Audiocom ref oppo105, you can hear much more of each sound distinctively & dimensionally real & with impact the same time, now that's cool!
At 70hrs I started listening to some cd with vocal, wow, solid smooth full yet unroll off at highs or bottom with great dynamics. Soundstage unbelievable!! Grown 100% way beyond my Spk use to, lush yet transparent , punchy bass when call for. My system is transform, unbelievable what the source can achieve with just my Anthem AV amp. I use to think a good preamp is a must to get this good in sound.
At 260hrs the ref oppo105 takes on another leap & bound towards audio Nevada, noise floor went much lower, instruments voice even more distinct smooth & texture, drums sound more impactful & real, even lower or very low background noise. Ambience can be felt like you are really there. Like I said earlier I'm really surprise & impress that i can get this good in sound quality coming thru my av amp. Can only imagine how much better it can sound with some nice 2ch gear. Double thumbs way up!

Last but not lease, don't judge the player until you run it for at lease 250 hrs, otherwise you're not hearing the true potential of Oppo95 or 105.

Oppo bdp-105 - Audiocom Reference

The OPPO BDP-105EU Reference player is a high class 3D Universal Blu-ray player. The Audiocom 105 OPPO player is based on the BDP-105EU and designed to get optimum performance from all video and audio formats. The 105 Reference is a talented machine offering remarkable Blu-ray & DVD picture quality and fabulous home cinema sound. It is also a superlative musical source delivering superb sound quality from CD, SACD, DVD-A & DTS-HD discs, and Lossless Video and Audio formats. As a stand-alone DAC, the 105 Reference holds its own with similar priced dedicated DACs on the market. The 105EU Reference uses the same high performance main board as the OPPO 105EU. But the performance of the 105EU Reference is optimised by replacing the switch-mode power supply for the main board with a custom linear power supply. A large torodial transformer with 3 separate windings provides independent power supplies for video 5V & 15V supplies. Dual, discrete Schottky rectifier boards are used for the video supplies, and low noise LT regulators provide low noise power to the video board ensuring a pure, highly accurate digital video signal. Specially selected Low ESR capacitors are used for power supply smoothing and bypassing. On the audio side, 2-channel and Multi-channel audio boards are upgraded in the power, digital and analogue circuitry. Features include low noise, precision DC regulators, premium audio grade power supply smoothing capacitors and audio grade decoupling capacitors in key areas. RFI/EMI noise is shielded from sensitive audio and video components by employing a material with an inner structure that dissipates RFI/EMI radiation inside the player and shields the player from external sources of interference. Resonance control is used for chassis and Printed Circuits Boards, with a combination of several types of material with optimum mass, impedance and geometry to eliminate unwanted resonance across a wide bandwidth. Audiocom 105EU Reference Edition The Audiocom 105EU Reference edition includes: AC Input /Power ■ Furutech FI-10 (or Vanguard) Gold IEC inlet. ■ CryoFuse (Non Magnetic, Anti-Resonance Ceramic Body) ■ OFHC Internal wiring for power supply. Main Power Supply (video, digital processing, digital input). ■ Custom linear power supply with Low ESR capacitors for video and digital input boards. ■ LT low noise voltage regulators for video circuitry. ■ Dual, discrete Schottky rectifier boards for video power supplies. Audio Power Supply/Regulation ■ Kendeil KO5 Audio Grade capacitors for analogue power supply. ■ Linear Technology low noise regulator for + rail analogue power supply. ■ Linear Technology low noise regulator for - rail analogue power supply. ■ Elna Audio Grade capacitors for bypassing analogue stage regulators. ■ Panasonic FC capacitors for input bypass of ES9018 digital supplies. ■ Panasonic FC capacitors for output bypass of ES9018 digital supplies. DAC/Analogue Output Stage ■ OS-CON decoupling for Sabre DACs (2-channel & 7.1 channel boards. ■ Elna Audio Grade capacitors for output buffer decoupling. Resonance Control /RFI/EMI Shielding ■ Steinmusic resonance control for power and 2-channel audio PWB’s. ■ Sontech Vibramet for BD drive. ■ RFI/EMI Shielding in key locations. More to follow... This modified player also supports Multi Region DVD & Multi Zone Blu-ray. Audiocom modified players are the only approved upgrades by OPPO BD UK and is supplied with a 2-year warranty.

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