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I'm sticking with my 93!

A Review On: OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray Player

OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray Player

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Pros: Great picture and sound, and good networking of music

Cons: None that I can think of!

The Oppo BDP-93 is a great Blu-ray player and network hub. Its picture quality is second to none and its analog audio is great (I don't have the kind of "price is no object" audio gear that might motivate one to buy Oppo's 95 or 105 models).

It does have 3D capability (and dual HDMI outputs for that purpose, so the image can go directly to a 3D display if the AVR's electronics can't pass on a 3D signal), but I don't like 3D, so that hardly matters to me.

It has both an Ethernet jack and an external Wifi N dongle (which I never set up, since I have a router in the same cabinet to make a wired connection).

I've yet to find a Blu-ray, DVD, CD, SACD, or DVD-Audio disk that gives it any problem. Video calibration was easy, since its color space is "balls on accurate (that's a technical term)."* I found myself marveling at how it made older movies look new again, since its color rendition is natural, not hyped. The same is true of its presentation of music and film soundtracks. It doesn't hold back when the going gets loud, but it also lets subtle material come through without exaggeration.

It loads and plays disks without long delays (it's much faster than my first Blu-ray player, a first-generation Panasonic) and can be set to do 24p conversion of DVDs, though whether to do that depends on whether the source was film or standard video.

When I figured out how to use it to play music off my computer, including multichannel high definition audio, I realized that it was smarter than your average bear (I mean Blu-ray player). No more burning DVDs to listen to my high def music downloads (I buy a lot of music at iTrax.com and HDtracks.com)!

I've rigged up a car seatback screen (sold to parents to entertain the kids on long trips) as a "music dashboard" to select music from my computer over the network without turning on my projector, and was rewarded for my efforts by being told by my significant other that my setup is "a work of art." (Their newer models don't let you use a simple composite video monitor for this, which is why I'm sticking with my 93.)

It doesn't get much better than this!

* My Cousin Vinnie


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