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A Review On: Optoma DW339 WXGA, 2600 Lumen, 3D Multimedia Projector

Optoma DW339 WXGA, 2600 Lumen, 3D Multimedia Projector

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Pros: Cheap, high-er resolution than most in it's price range, cheap!

Cons: Rainbow Effect, Black Levels

I was replacing my older InFocus IN72 DLP that had not been in service for a couple of years. I decided to set my theater up again (after a couple of moves) and when I did there was a large white stripe on the right side of the display. That sent me shopping for something budget oriented with decent quality, easy on the wallet. I leaned on many of the other reviewers that spoke highly of this projector.

I agree it's a great bargain. I paid $444. However, it does have a few drawbacks. The rainbow effect is much greater than the InFocus, the fan is a bit noisy, and it never quite seems to focus to perfect. That last item has to be forgiven somewhat. It is at 14' throw so at that size it's going to be hard for any 720P projector to get a decent enough image quality. Black levels aren't extremely good. If you are watching a nearly black scene then the lighter features tend to separate from the darkness.

Overall, I'm pleased with the cost/performance of the unity. I would recommend it to anyone needing to get the lowest cost projector while maintaining a quality of craftsmanship that Optoma has. If you are going to run a PC from this even more so, the higher resolution will fit your needs.

It comes with a nice carrying case, which I won't use, and a remote with a laser pointer so your kids can terrorize the cat. If you decide to go with this one enjoy, but it's not going to satisfy if you're a stickler for sharpness.


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