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Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player - DMP-BDT500


Pros: Nice appearance, slide disc loading drawer, nice apps for watching online content, integrated wifi

Cons: Remote is not backlit, do not like the touchpad remote (please go back to simple arrows), still somewhat slow load times.

Overall, this is a solid if not slightly pricey Blu-ray player. I like its physical appearance (though prone to dust and finger prints) and its slick disc loading action (the entire front fascia opens to allow the disc drawer to slide out). I like the fact that it has built in wifi, which makes setup, streaming, and firmware updates easy (and frees up a port on my router/access point). The apps for watching online content are good. Overall the UI and menus are ok, but not a differentiator, by any stretch. The load times are still a little slow, but better than my other Panasonic BD players (DMP-BD80). Overall, I have found both the video and audio output to be good, though I've never used the 3D capabilities, so I cannot comment on that front. The BDT500 is a nice, though slightly pricey BD player. I would be more inclined to repeat the purchase if it were priced in the sub $200 ($199) range, though to be fair, I'm not much of a "spec shopper" so I do not know how the BDT500 stacks up against competing players with similar capabilities.


Pros: Dual HDMI output, Burr Brown processor, Analog audio output, Super fast 3D blu ray player, Top notch PQ AQ, intuitive touch pad remote

Cons: Rear usb input only for skype camera, prone to dust, non backlit remote, a little pricey

The DMP-BDT500 is Panasonic's most recent flagship 3D blu ray player. It is very fast loading, and has integrated wi fi capabilities. This is not your common slim design player, it has a nice size and weight to it. The design has a carbon fiber like top which has the most common Power, play, stop, and eject touch sensitive buttons on the top, which work very well. The front has a refined glass finish with a polished metal strip with the Panasonic logo in the middle and the blu ray logo to the left. The front flips down to reveal the disk tray, a USB input and an SD card input. Overall design is very nice, but the mirror finish with the metal clashes with most black AV equipment on the market. This player is equipped with Dual HDMI output, perfect for those of us with legacy AV receivers and 3D Televisions. It also has upgraded capacitors and a nice set of 7.1 analog outputs for those who prefer this connectivity. This is a smart player, which is powered by the Viera Cast apps suite, Skype, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu+, and Pandora are just a few of your app choices. Along with DLNA streaming this is a powerful entertainment HUB. You will be using a nice touchpad remote, but unlike with lower models, you will have standard buttons as well. I personally find the touchpad more than adequate and precise, though it does take a little getting used to. Picture and Audio options are more than most would need or use, but it is nice to have, I like the tube amplifier sound options myself. Dialogue enhancers are present as well which does help with those hard to hear scenes under normal listening conditions. Option screens are easy to navigate and system setup was a breeze. Overall this is a very quiet and quick player, faster than most players on the market for start up, and disc loading, also you can eject before the disc is loaded unlike my old Pioneer BDP-320 which has to completely load the disc before ejecting. I am incredibly happy with the all aspects of this player outside of 2 small issues. The remote has no backlighting, so in the dark, you have no idea which button you are pressing. The other issue is that the back usb input is strictly for a Skype camera, leaving you to have the front face flipped down in order to have a jump drive in place, of course, you can always stream files directly from your PC. This is no means a budget player, but the next step in player quality is probably the Oppo units, which start around $500 with not much more to offer than this unit. Overall I highly recommend this player for those who want a little more than the average person, but doesn't want to spend the extra few hundred on the Oppo.
Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player - DMP-BDT500

Panasonic?s BDT500 Blu-Ray Disc players Focus on smart home networking, high-quality picture and sound, ease-of-use, eco-efficiency, and sleek design. The BDT-500 is a Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc player that features expanded VIERA Connect functionality, Full HD 2D-3D playback, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) compatibility, and superior sound and image quality. It includes high-grade audio parts -- Gold plated terminals, high-grade electric capacitor, and an insulator to reproduce audio content that is faithful to the original. It provides for 7.1 Channel Output and includes twin HDMI outputs, allowing one to be Dedicated for audio output. This allows for less interference with the Video signal and also makes the BDT-500 compatible with legacy amplifiers.--Panasonic?s IPTV Platform VIERA Connect utilizes Cloud technology to present an unlimited number of entertainment, social networking, gaming, health & fitness, sports & news sites giving you access to a wide variety of Internet content from the comfort of your living room such as Skype, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, You Tube, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, Vudu, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, My space, and Flixster.--This Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc player features UniPhier single chip signal Processing that eliminates unnecessary wiring, resulting in reducing noise on the picture and sound signal to the absolute minimum. The DVD Super Resolution Processor helps produce natural pictures with no false contours, higher resolution for details, and a reduction in noise.--Dolby Digital Plus and TrueHD Surround sound decoders-2 HDMI outputs- Media Reader: Supports Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity and SDXC formats for storing or transferring media (card not included). -Adaptive Chroma Processing: Along with 2D-3D conversion, a 3D effect controller and x.v.color and Deep Color su

Model NumberDMP-BDT500
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