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Panasonic DMP-BBT01 Integrated Wi-Fi Slim, Stylish 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player

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Pros: Small, Feature Rich, Good Looking, 3D, WiFi, Internet Apps, Mobile Device Controllable.

Cons: Remote sucks, No Internet Browser, A bit Noisy, ants like to make it a home! Did I say the remote sucks?

A few years ago an Installer talked me into moving my HT equipment to a remote closet. I debated doing this for a while, but finally gave in with the exception of the BD/DVD player being in the main room so I didn't have to leave the room to change disks. He then talked me into getting a wall mounted player, ok fine! At the time there were some options for wall mounted players, I had a Samsung originally. Unfortunately, the Samsung died a while back, and I was out shopping again for a wall mountable BD player, guess what, there were none!

I tried to pick the closest player I could to a wall mount unit, and then hope I could do the conversion myself. All I really required is that it could be mounted vertically.

The DMP-BBT01 fit the bill! I took the snap on plastic base and sanded the feet down a couple inches so it would mount parallel to the wall, then I just bolted the mount to the wall and snapped the unit in place, walla! Since it's made to allow vertical mounting this works well.

The DMP-BBT01 is much nicer than my old Samsung BDP-4600. First of all, if you like aesthetics, especially bling factor, this player has got it. They put mirrored sides all around the perimeter. Even the sliding door for the disk lockout is mirror! I had a chance to take this player all apart down to the basic components a couple times (Ant story below), it is built well in my inexperienced electrical view, there was no shoddy work, everything fit well and had a good finish inside and out.

Unfortunately, the unit is so attractive apparently some local ants took a liking to it! They must have came through a hold the installer drilled to route the HT equipment. Anyway, I found the infestation a bit late and had to take the entire unit apart to clean out the ants and their eggs, nasty! A night in the freezer inside a ziplock bag did the trick. After reassembly and a few prayers I powered the unit up and was pleasantly surprised to have it work perfectly, and ever since!

The only bad thing about the player, and it's terrible, is the remote. This is why I deducted one star from the overall rating. It has a trackpad style navigation system which is totaly unresponsive and has to be used within a few feet of the player. The only saving grace is that you can use a mobile device to control it. I use an Android phone and a free app to do everything with the player controller wise.

I project on a 106" screen from a 1080P projector (using 100ft of HDMI no less) and have no complaints about picture quality, it looks great to me with no noise or distortion visible to my untrained eye.

I love this little player! Hope you found this review entertaining, I wish I had more technical knowledge of these things to provide you with some better facts! I'm a happy customer.
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Panasonic DMP-BBT01 Integrated Wi-Fi Slim, Stylish 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player

Panasonic’s 2012 Blu-ray Disc players focus on smart home networking, high-quality picture and sound, ease-of-use, eco-efficiency, and sleek design. The BBT01 is a Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc player that features expanded VIERA Connect functionality, Full HD 2D-3D playback, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) compatibility, and superior sound and image quality. Panasonic developed a new compact design concept for the BBT01, giving it a stylishly compact body in a range of elegant variations to match your living room. VIERA Connect -- More Fun Comes Via a Cloud Service Panasonic’s IPTV platform VIERA Connect, now under the Smart VIERA umbrella, has been expanded for 2012 Blu-ray  products and now utilizes cloud technology to present an unlimited number of entertainment, social networking, gaming, health & fitness, sports & news sites. Learn more about the world of Smart VIERA and VIERA Connect here. Enhance your Blu-ray Experience with Popular Apps Enjoy sites such as Skype, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, You Tube, huluplus, CinemaNow, Vudu, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, My space, and Flixster. With 2012 models, you have access to a wide variety of Internet content from the comfort of your living room. Clicker - Video on Demand Cross Searching Find your favorite movies and video content easily with one-step searching, which allows you to cross search from multiple VOD services. For ease-of-use, use the quick keyword input on VIERA Connect to help retrieve your desired content faster. Customize your screen by grouping commonly used apps and displaying them on the screen for easier use. Communicate with Family and Friends The social networking TV app allows you to access social network sites and communicate with your loved ones while simultaneously watching TV. Watch live sports games while upping the excitement by chatting with your friends as the game unfolds. Record an original message and set it as your answering voice message. Callers can record messages onto an SD Card (min. 512MB required), while you are away. *Skype camera not included with TV purchase Awesome Picture Quality with 24p Output for VOD The BBT01 not only plays Blu-ray Discs and DVDs, but also video-on-demand movies content in the same 24p format as used at movie theaters. Connection to a 24p capable TV via an HDMI capable lets you enjoy a wide array of content with full cinematic picture quality. This feature requires a TV that supports 24p playback.* Great Sound with the UniPhier Chip Processor This Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc player features UniPhier single chip signal processing that eliminates unnecessary wiring, resulting in reducing noise on the picture and sound signal to the absolute minimum. The DVD Super Resolution Processor helps produce natural pictures with no false contours, higher resolution for details, and a reduction in noise. Easy Connectivity The entire 2012 line features DLNA for easy connection to other DLNA equipped products. Share and enjoy digital photos (JPEG), music (MP3, WMA) and videos (AVCHD, WMV) by simply connecting to a home network (LAN).  VIERA Link provides connectivity to other VIERA Link compatible products and NAS compatibility. The BBT01 has a Wi-Fi system built right into the main unit so you can enjoy VIERA Connect and BD-Live content without having to connect with a LAN cable or wireless LAN adaptor. Players are also compatible with the NTFS format HDD. Get Beautiful High-Color Resolution with Adaptive Chroma Processing Adaptive Chroma Processing is a high quality image-processing technology developed to precisely process each pixel of Blu-ray Disc video signals in the vertical and horizontal directions to produce extremely high color resolution and beautiful edges. Personalization To personalize the home theater experience, the new multi-user mode on the BBT01 allows you to register four users and each can record individual favorite settings. You can select a personal icon from 16 pre-installed images, or photos from an external source. You also have the option to customize the home screen with any image you choose. Features like the home screen customization as well as enhancement of VIERA Connect allow you to easily personalize your entertainment experience to fit your lifestyle. Download the exclusive Panasonic app and you’ll also be able to use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a remote control for your BBT01. The BBT01 also comes with a new remote control that has a touch pad for intuitive operation and easy navigation through the GUI on the screen. Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Playback The advanced 2D technologies of the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory have also been applied to 3D image playback, providing high quality images. 2D-3D conversion enables conversion of 2D images on DVDs and Blu-ray Discs into 3D images with natural depth perception. Screen type (flat or round) and frame color are easily selectable. Watch your favorite DVD movie collection in 3D for even greater viewing enjoyment.  Energy Star Qualified Panasonic is always working to improve its technology, design, and commitment to the environment. Attractive compact designs and energy-saving functions help Panasonic Blu-ray Disc products protect the environment by effectively conserving limited natural resources. All 2012 models are Energy Star Qualified. 2012 Panasonic VIERA Blu-ray Disc Player Comparison Chart Series DMP-BBT01 DMP-BDT500 DMP-BDT320 DMP-BDT220 DMP-BD87 DMP-BD77 Wi-Fi Capability Built-in Wi-Fi Built-in Wi-Fi Built-in Wi-Fi Built-in Wi-Fi Built-in Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Ready Dolby True HD DTS Master Audio Essential DLNA Capability (via LAN) FLAC Compatibility External HDD Playback Multi-User Mode Fast Booting & Loading Ultra Ultra Energy Star Qualified Full HD Playback 3D HD 3D HD 3D HD 3D HD 2D-3D Conversion Adapative Chroma Processing 24p Output for VOD Smartphone Function Capability VIERA Connect VIERA Link Skype Communication* SD Memory Card Slot Touch Pad Remote Control Slot-in Drive Lay-out Free Design Smart Eco Sensor Analog Audio 7.1 Channel Output Twin HDMI Online Movies/IP VOD

FeatureNew Slim and Compact Design Touchpad and Smartphone Remote Control 2D to 3D Conversion for VIERA Connect
Item Height1.3 inches
Item Length10.5 inches
Item Width8.5 inches
Package Height1 inches
Package Length1 inches
Package Weight1 pounds
Package Width1 inches
ProductGroupHome Theater
TitlePanasonic DMP-BBT01 Integrated Wi-Fi Slim, Stylish 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player
UPCList - UPCListElement885170071902
Item Weight1.9 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementDMP-BBT01
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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