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Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)

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Pros: Audio and Image quality are very nice.

Cons: SLOW.

To start, I don't really care about all the bells and whistles of streaming options and 3D. I have an AppleTV that is used specifically for streaming, so that aspect of a Blu-ray player doesn't matter. I don't ever care to have 3D capabilities, so again, moot point.

The reason I bought this player was to watch blu-ray movies. And it excels at that. The picture quality is very good. It will send a 24p signal to my projector via HDMI, which is also nice.

When I hooked it up and watched my first blu-ray disc (Tropic Thunder, if you were wondering), the step up to HD was obviously there, but what immediately jumped out at me as the biggest difference was the sound quality. There was so much improvement over a typical DVD or broadcast soundtrack that it was stunning. The dynamic range was opened way up, the overall quality was beautiful. It was, in my opinion, just as great an improvement as moving from Dolby ProLogic via Laserdisc to Dolby/DTS 5.1 via DVD. It was that drastic.

The player offers Panasonic's VIERAlink panel, which has Netflix and other various streaming options, but I don't use them. I don't even keep it plugged into the internet at this point --- I check for firmware updates every now and then, but don't bother with the VIERAlink features at all. It does not offer 3D, but again, I don't care. 3D is something I rarely choose, even when seeing something in the theater. I definitely don't need it at home.

I'm using the DMP-BD60 connected via HDMI to a Marantz AVR, then on to an Optoma HD20 projector. The menus are fairly sparse, so even though they're not the most intuitive, it doesn't take long to find the settings you're wanting to adjust. I have it set to send a 1080p24 signal via HDMI, and it looks fantastic. The remote is pretty typical, not great, but I also rarely use it. My Marantz remote is able to control the basic functionalities of the blu-ray player, so I rarely need to pick up the Panasonic remote.

This is an old player, and it is SLOW. It's slow to boot up, it's slow to load a disc, and it's just plain slow. But, quite frankly we're generally still getting situated and messing with blankets or ottomans or drinks or something while it's loading, and once that movie starts, it's just fantastic. We rarely find ourselves waiting for it, but it is noticeably slower than newer players.

One quirk that is notably annoying since I've added the Optoma projector is that, sometimes when going from preview to preview, or from video into the menus, the player stops sending a video signal altogether, which causes the Optoma to spend 10 seconds or so finding and re-syncing to the signal. This is not evident on all displays - it didn't have any effect when I had the player connected to a Panasonic professional plasma display, and it didn't happen with our old Epson 720p projector either, so it's apparently a sensitivity in the Optoma. Regardless, it doesn't happen during the main program, only when moving from asset to asset on the disc. It also only happens with some discs and not others, so it's also apparently inherent in the way a disc is authored.

DVD content looks great upconverted out of the player. It's obviously still limited, but it looks fine. And DVDs load much faster. It's pretty comparable to a standard DVD player when it comes to loading time on DVDs.

Overall, I've been very happy with this player. It's the first blu-ray player I ever owned, I've had it for 4 years or so now and it's still working just fine. I'm planning on getting an Oppo when this one finally dies, but it just won't die! Even though it feels a bit flimsy (actually no more flimsy than most typical big-box consumer blu-ray players), it is apparently built very well and keeps chugging along. I'm very happy with the purchase, I've gotten more than my money's worth (this thing was over $300 when I bought it), and I highly recommend Panasonic in general.


Pros: Slim, inexpensive and reliable

Cons: Ethernet only no wifi, poor streaming and other built in apps

I bought this player from Amazon several years ago when the cost of a moderately priced Blu-Ray player got below about $150. I did some research and I chose this model over the Panasonic BD80 because I didn't need analog outputs.

I connect the player to my Hitachi 55 inch LED panel via a single HDMI connection. With my previous television I had to connect through a Monoprice switch and sometimes this would cause problems if each item wasn't turned on in exactly the right order. Handshaking problems would cause a green picture if it didn't happen correctly. Without the switch the player works perfectly in this department.

The player looks sleek with its all black appearance and mostly hidden controls. My player is out of view in a closet so this doesn't matter but it would tend to blend in and look ok in most settings. It doesn't have a lot of bright lights or anything so the player is not distracting.

The on screen setup and menus work fine and are mostly sensibly laid out and easy to navigate.

Out of the box the player worked well on DVD disks but seemed to be very picky about the quality of the Blu-Ray disks. Some disks from Netflix would play well while others would not play at all with skipping, pausing and other artifacts. Going from cold to playing a fresh disk seemed to be almost painfully slow when compared to a DVD player but once it was going it was fast enough on menus etc.

After I had the player for a few weeks I updated the firmware which fixed a lot of the faults. Disk playback because quite a bit less picky and boot times also seemed to improve. Since that time I've updated the firmware several times and the player has improved greatly.

The player has some Vierra Cast built in apps for photos, streaming programming etc. Most of this is very weak. Amazon Prime playback is ok but there is no Netflix. This is not a serious drawback to me because I have a Roku box for that sort of stuff but it could be a deal killer for some people.

Streaming and BD live happen via a wired Ethernet connection only there is no wireless on this model. Having the connection does make updating the firmware very easy.

The included remote is ok but I control the unit using a Logitech Harmony One.

Booting up is still a little slow but overall I'm pleased with the player it does it's job silently and without major problems. While Blu-Ray players have improved a lot in the time since I bought this one I'll probably stick with the BD60 until it gives up the ghost before getting something new. I don't watch a tremendous amount of HD content from Blu-Ray but when I do I always find the picture quality to be striking when compared to other sources.
Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)

The DMP-BD60 is a Blu-ray Disc player that has a wealth of features, combined with good performance. Blu-ray discs are played at 1080p via HDMI output. This player is compatible with standard DVDs, most recordable DVD formats, CDs. Standard DVDs are upscaled up to 1080p via the HDMI output. Onboard decoding or undecoded bitstream output of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD is provided via HDMI. The DMP-BD60 adheres to Blu-ray Profile 2.0 specifications, and as an added bonus, the Viera Cast feature allows direct access to online

FeatureViera Cast connecting you with YouTube, Picasa, Weather. BD-Live SD Card Slot and USB slot 1080P Upconvert Film makers version with PHL Chip for accurate color
Item Height2 inches
Item Length9.8 inches
Item Width17 inches
Package Height5.6 inches
Package Length20 inches
Package Weight8.3 pounds
Package Width14.2 inches
TitlePanasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)
UPCList - UPCListElement037988983483
Item Weight5.7 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementDMP-BD60 DMP-BD60K
Warranty1 Year Parts and Labor
LegalDisclaimerNo refund unless DOA. Must ship UPS. No warranty. AS-IS
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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