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Panasonic TC-50PS64 50 Inch Plasma


Pros: Price, Picture Quality, De-Featured

Cons: Apps are very sluggish, stand doesn't APPEAR to be super robust

I bought the 50PS64 about a week ago and have been extremely pleased. The picture quality is fantastic (especially compared to the outgoing 5yr old Phillips LCD) even out of the box. I will say I do not have the most trained eye, but going from my last set to this one was like making the jump from SD to HD (seriously, even my wife commented on how much better it looks). In the store, as with most plasmas, it looks dark and a little washed out. I believe this is due to the lighting in the store and the fact that it's sitting next to super bright, over exposed LED televisions.

I purchased after quite a bit of research on this site and others. I compared mostly the S series to the ST series as I didn't want to spend the cash required to get into the VT or ZT. The S64 seemed to fit well for me:
- Wanted the ambient light filter of the ST series
- The 'input lag' discussion around the ST did give me a little anxiety as I do game semi-regularly, so the S series seemed more appropriate
- No interest in the 3D ability of the ST given that I don't much care for 3D content
- The price of the S64 was very attractive (cheaper even than the 'lower' S model)

Note: the 'con' listed about the stand is only in appearance. I have the unit hanging on the wall, so I won't speak for the actual robustness of it. It just doesn't appear near as robust as other stands I have seen.

I will attempt to keep updating this as I have more experience with the unit, but at this point I can't find anything to complain about other than the slow 'apps'. I have several devices connected to the TV that can supply this content if needed so it's not a big deal to me.

Edit 1:
See MillerDuck's review for the 65" version. It contains a good idea of the features for these models.


Pros: AR filter, Infinte Black panel, 1080p

Cons: A little dim

This TV is a very good mid range plasma with great features including WiFi capabilities, and apps. It has an anti-reflective filter which is not found on the S60. Otherwise it seems to be identical to the S60.

It features custom level menu options, and apps. Researching different settings will get this picture easily to the preference of the viewer because of so many customizable options, far more than what I was
used to with older Panasonic TVs. The bottom portion of the TV screen has a somewhat unappealing reflective line of clear plastic, but it is not really distracting while watching.

It seems a little dim, for my preference, though that is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your brightness preferences. I have not compared whether it is dimmer than the S60, but I would suspect only marginally if at all. Having seen the S60 right next to the ST60, I can definitely see the filter at work in the big name store lights. Though the ST60 has easily noticeably better blacks which would be a plus if money allows. I thought the richness of the blacks on the ST60 were pretty elegant, but I think I am satisfied with the blacks just fine, not having those to compare the S64 to.

One aspect to note is that the AR filter works very well when looking directly on. It greatly dims the screen, like an LCD view angle effect, when looking from a sharper angle above or below. I don't think this would be a factor for most, though some who may want to mount the TV very high on the wall, may want to consider that a lot. I really looked into whether I could see it from the side, and I really could not notice too much dimming as described at all. Definitely a good thing for watching from sofa angles.

The prices these have been going for have been really good. It really seems to be a good bargain. My hope is the AR filter option is simply an add on to a traditional S60, and not a cosmetic addition to
account for cheaper components or the like.

Overall, pretty sweet indeed!
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Panasonic TC-50PS64 50 Inch Plasma

Panasonic's 2013 50" plasma Costco specific model

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