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Panasonic TC-L58E60 58-Inch Smart LED HDTV

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #8 in LED HDTV


Pros: Picture Quality

Cons: Sound

The Panasonic TC-L58E60 is an upgrade from my old JVC I'Art AV-32F476 tube TV and is the first LED HDTV I've owned.


I paid 999.99 at Amazon. My final price was 899.99 when Amazon honored a price match with Best Buy. Amazon delivered the TV by CEVA which went very well. They unpacked the set, attached the base, set the TV on the stand, attached the AC power cord and made sure it powered up OK before they left. It was a good delivery experience. 


The Panasonic TC-L58E60 beats my old TV in every category except one: sound.  The JVC had nice stereo sound that would carry across the room just fine and was not unpleasant to listen to. The sound on the Panasonic TC-L58E60 doesn't carry like my old TV and has zero low end. Tweaking the sound settings on the TC-L58E60 (it does have an equalizer and several sound mode settings) didn't help and only made it boomy or tinny at best. I run this TV via HDMI through my AV receiver (Sony STR-DN840) full time to avoid using the TV speakers. So the TV speakers will work in a pinch but I would advise anyone considering this set to plan on using an AV receiver and speakers or at least a soundbar.


As far as picture quality goes I'm impressed. I used the settings for this TV from the CNET review. I have the Disney WOW disc and I've looked at all the test pattern screens and the display seems to be performing well in those tests. The blacks are good and I haven't noticed any kind of clouds or other light distortion. There is a slight "dirty screen effect" in the form of narrow vertical bars of slightly darker shade similar to images of other televisions posted in the forums here. This DSE is most prominent on light or solid color screens or bright clouds/sky where the camera is panning across. Most of the time I don't see the problem and I'm fine with it. I really like this TV's picture.


This TV has a game mode setting which I've tried with the PS4. Turning the game mode on only results in a slight increase in sharpness of some details. It's difficult for me to tell the difference between game mode off or on so I'm leaving it on for what it's worth. I haven't noticed any problems with lag or any sync problems with between sounds and onscreen action.


 The television tuner on the Panasonic TC-L58E60 with my DB8 antenna in the attic seems to work great. I get strong signals and a fine HDTV picture. I actually prefer the antenna feed picture over the cable box feed for the local HDTV channels. The antenna feed seems to be slightly more clear.


About the Internet Apps on this TV, I haven't used them. I've been using the apps on the Sony BDP-S3100 Blu-ray player without difficulty. 


Overall this TV is working great for me and I'm glad I finally upgraded. 4.5 stars. I'm taking off only half of one star due to the less than optimal sound.

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Panasonic TC-L58E60 58-Inch Smart LED HDTV

Panasonic E60 Series LED HDTV (42, 50, 58, 65-Inch Class) A fully connected, network enabled TV in a super slim design VIERA TVs offer the best possible picture quality -- achieving rich and robust blacks, high moving-picture resolution, smooth and velvety gradation, and vibrant colors. With stunning images and state-of-the-art design, VIERA TVs bring a special ambience to your living room.  2013 Panasonic TVs are focused on sleek, minimalist designs, where unncessary elements are stripped away to highlight the awe-inspiring images on screen. The E60 features a sleek and slim LED panel that will add an elegant touch to your living room.     Crisp, Moving Pictures This TV features 240 backlight scanning technology which minimizes flicker and ensures smooth images. This function is great for dynamic sports scenes and fast-action movie shots. Wide Viewing Angle The TV features an LED Panel with excellent viewing angle characteristics so that images are reproduced with spectacular brightness, color, and contrast, even when viewed from the side. VIERA Link This TV features VIERA Link, a technology that allows a consumer to operate all Panasonic VIERA Link compatible AV components using only one remote control. Super Clear Resolution With 1080p HD resolution and a fast image processor, Panasonic TVs reproduce video with stunning quality, bringing you high-res images with life-like colors.  Smart TV Made Easy More fun comes via a cloud service. VIERA Internet-ready TVs feature VIERA Connect, a cloud service that provides access to apps for video, music, social networking, games, news, lifestyle, sports, and health/fitness. Popular apps include Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and huluplus. Panasonic's Smart VIERA platform makes TV entertainment more intuitive, more comfortable, and lots more fun. my Home Screen Make your TV personal. VIERA allows you to instantly access your favorite content on a personalized TV screen. It's a whole new user experience that is all about....you. Skype Communication & Social Networking TV Use the social networking TV app to access social network sites and communicate with your loved ones while simultaneously watching TV. Watch live sports while upping the excitement by chatting with your friends as the game unfolds. *Skype camera not included.  Swipe and Share 2.0 Easily share special moments with your family and friends. Link your smart device to the TV and freely share content by swiping forward with one finger. Save by swiping back with two fingers. Media Player Simply insert an SD memory card or USB stick and enjoy photos, videos, and music on this TV.* A wealth of customization functions let you add background music and effects. *JPEG/MP3 playback dsd      Technical Details     Video: 42, 50, 58, 65-Inch class (measured diagonally), Full HD 1080p, 120Hz refresh rate, 240 back light scanning technology    Key Features: Smart TV, Built-in wireless LAN, Media Player, Game Mode, VIERA Link, Voice Guidance feature    Input and Output Connections: 3 HDMI, 2 USB    Eco-Friendly Features: Energy Star certified, high efficient backlight & wide aperture panel for low power consumption, Eco-Navigation tool    What's in the Box: E60 HDTV, TV remote, user manual   2013 Panasonic VIERA LED/LCD HDTV Comparison Chart Series WT60 DT60 ET60 E60 EM60 XM6B6 Models: 47", 55" 55", 60" 50", 55" 42", 50", 58", 65" 39", 50" 32" 32" Display Resolution 1080p Full HD 3D 1080p Full HD 3D 1080p Full HD 3D 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 720p HD 720p HD Panel IPS LED IPS LED IPS LED LED-LCD LED-LCD LED-LCD IPS LED (32", 50") Viewing Angle 178 degree 178 degree 178 degree 176 degree 176 degree 176 degree 178 (39"  is 176) Refresh Rate 240Hz 120Hz 120Hz 120Hz 120Hz 60Hz 60Hz Back Light Technology 4200 BLS 1200 BLS (60"), 1920 BLS (55") 720 BLS 240 BLB 240 BLB Filter Clear Panel Pro Clear Panel Pro Clear Panel Pro Clear Panel Pro Internet Ready Built-in Wi-Fi w/ Bluetooth Built-in Wi-Fi w/ Bluetooth Built-in Wi-Fi w/ Bluetooth Built-in Wireless LAN Surround Speaker Mode VR-Audio Pro Surround 2.1 VR-Audio Pro Surround 2.1 VR-Audio Surround 2.1 VR-Audio Surround 2.1 V-Audio V-Audio V-Audio 3D Eyewear Included 4 included 4 included 2 included 2D-3D Conversion With Face Detection Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year Media Player (SD, USB, DLNA via LAN) Game Mode HDMI 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 Support Feature ARC (input 2) ARC (input 2) ARC (input 2) ARC (input 2) ARC (input 2) ARC (input 2) ARC (input 2) Component Video Input 1 RCA phono type (lower) 1 RCA phono type (lower) 1 RCA phono type (lower) 1 RCA phono type (rear) 1 RCA phono type (rear) 1 RCA phono type (rear) 1 RCA phono type (rear) USB Port 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 Digital Audio Output (Optical)  1 (side)  1 (side)  1 (side) 1 (rear) 1 (rear) 1 (rear) 1 (rear) Ethernet 1 (lower) 1 (lower) 1 (lower) 1 (rear) SD Card Slot VIERA Link & VIERA Connect E-Help my Home Screen/Swipe & Share 2.0 VIERA Remote 2 (App Compat.)* Social Networking TV & Skype** Voice Guidance Voice Interaction Intelligent Local Dimming Dual Core with Hexa Processing VIERA Touch Pad Controller Included ISFCC Certification Built-In Camera *Does not include smartphone**Optional communication camera required

FeatureVIERA Connect with Built-In Wi-Fi and Web Browser Full HD 120 Hz Super Slim Metal Bezel
Item Height30 inches
Item Length51.1 inches
Item Width2 inches
Package Height7.25 inches
Package Length66 inches
Package Weight82 pounds
Package Width33.5 inches
ProductGroupHome Theater
TitlePanasonic TC-L58E60 58-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV
UPCList - UPCListElement885170111394
Item Weight59.6 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementTC-L58E60 SYN-3465010
Size58 inch
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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