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Panasonic VIERA TC-P55GT50 55 Inch Plasma TV Reviews

Positive Reviews


Simply Awesome


Pros: Aesthetics, Black levels, Bright, Motion

Cons: None I can think of

This is the best TV, I've owned by far. Coming from a top of the line Sharp Aquos LCD, this Panasonic triumphs it, the blacks are excellent, contrast, beautiful natural picture. The motion and picture is the best I've seen, No blur. THX settings are great out of the box, it's a major plus to have for THX cinema for night and THX Bright room for daytime viewing. Or have custom calibrated settings. The Smart features are fine for people that like to use them. Can be controlled with IPhone/Android/iPad and can mirror your pictures/music/videos. Bluray movies are just amazing and 3D is great. I've owned it for over a year and NO IR or BI. It's great for gaming as well, no problems...
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Negative Reviews


The brightness of black areas, all you see is black, then in a different scene of the same movie(outside or inside) BD movie, it is ok


Pros: Good with colorful colors especaial with red shades

Cons: Not good black levels, Contrast also not good. The THX cinema/brightroom, both too dark.

After being repaired twice, a new board replaced(center of TV), was supposed to be a "A Board" but was not after doing some research on the net(I watched them remove it and replace it in my home). After buying a newer HD, BD 3D player, I put in a 3D movie to see if or not a difference and there was, the TC-P50GT50 Panasonic Plasma switch right to THX 3D??? In the TV manual and in more depth about the TV, RealD 3D is only mentioned. The THX 3D was not there before the other player. I had to push the 3D button on the remote until the 3D would switch over from 2D to 3D. After that board was replaced, the color looked better before the technicians left my...
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More Reviews


Not the best image in Plasma, but simply the best of all


Pros: Great image right out from the box, easy to configure... everything is good until now ( 5 months owner)

Cons: Nothing that I can see...

For all of you who are thinking on buying a TV and are interested in the image (not in extras like hand or voice orders. It looks REAL, NATURAL compared to LED where colors and image feels more "artificial". It's a shame that the present tendency is that Plasma will disappear in the near future. 100% recommend this TV.

Best TV ever


Pros: Picture quality, features, style

Cons: none

Purchased this unit from BB about a month ago. Previous tv was from another company and had started to develop screen issues (lines, darks swirls,failing LCD panel) and was only a few years old. Lot's of research finally decided not only was it time to replace other unit it was time to replace that technology, thus the plasma. Compared product lines from the two companies that are at the top review wise. This was the unit I decided to get and I have absolutely zero regrets. The only issue I have had, and this is not an issue with the unit, is glare caused by light in the room which I knew I would have when I got the unit. If you have a brightly lit room, this is either not the unit for...
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Lovin' This Plasma TV!


Pros: Design, PQ, Color, Black Level, Contrast, Motion Resolution

Cons: "noise" artifacts and colorbanding on some content. Video processing for HD Cable content could be better

This set looks great on and off. Great design that will look good in any room. Overall PQ is the best I have ever seen. The deepest black levels combined with bright whites make for great contrast. Handles bright light room conditions amazingly well for a plasma with very little glare. Colors are well saturated yet natural. THX modes look great right out of the box. Clarity and motion resolution is excellent. HD cable usually looks very good. Some cable content may show slight background ''noise'' or grainyness and rarely shows a bit of color banding. These ''cons'' are really just nit-picks and are not bothersome. Overall the video processing for HD Cable can be a little...
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AVS › Reviews › Displays › Plasma HDTV › Panasonic VIERA TC-P55GT50 55 Inch Plasma TV › Panasonic VIERA TC-P55GT50 55 Inch Plasma TV Reviews