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Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ZT60 60-inch Plasma TV

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #12 in Plasma HDTV


Pros: Great Colors, Easy setup, Great 3D, Great light filter for simi bright rooms, Apps, and Black Levels

Cons: 3D glasses (came with it), heat, pen ability, and built in speakers

The 60ZT60 is my first Plasma TV and I went big with my purchase and it was well worth it. Coming from a Sharp LCD TV from 2005 I can say the Plasma does everything better even reflection management is better than the matte LCD I had on the Sharp. The TV is super thin and is amazing with its color accuracy and black levels. Have watched a few 3D movies on it and they looked great, but having only seem 3D on this TV and no where else hard to really judge, but I do wish that the TV came with the rechargeable glasses instead of the battery ones. I wish that they would have left the light pen ability out of the ZT60 as it seems to be pointless on such a high end set. (I did not buy the pen and have not used it so it is my opinion)

The main reason to buy a TV though is the color and black accuracies and that is where the ZT60 really shines. The blacks are just amazing especially at night where they blend in with the dark room and really let the colors and movie come to life. Color accuracy is also top notch with great natural looking colors in scenes and detail even in the dark scenes (which goes with black details). With the great colors the big surprise coming from an LCD was that the ZT60 produces some heat and can make a room quite warm in the summer time. Even with the heat that it generates it is well worth it over an LCD screen at this time for its ability to make the scenes come to life.

One disappointment with such flat screens is that speakers suffer from the design, but if you buy a ZT60 you most likely have a full speaker system already so it becomes a mute issue. The built in speakers are decent when I did listen too them but do not give you the depth in sound as a proper surround system will give you especially in the lows. If you need to use the built in speakers you could do worse but it does not give the image justice.

Over all I would highly recommend the ZT60 to anyone wanting a great picture that has blacks that just disappear into the dark room and colors that are natural and bring the picture to life. Some of the new movies like OZ, Oblivion, etc. just look amazing and make watching movies a joy on the ZT60. I hope TVs will just get better as I would be hard pressed to buy anything less in quality then ZT60 plasma, but it is sad that plasma looks to be going down and hopefully something can take its place without more compromise.
Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ZT60 60-inch Plasma TV

Studio Master Panel Ultimate Black 30,720 Gradation steps, DCI 98% color space 3,000 Focused Field Drive One Sheet of Glass Design THX 3D Certified My Home Screen Swipe & Share 2.0 Voice Interaction 1080p Full HD Resolution, Full HD 3D

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AVS › Reviews › Displays › Plasma HDTV › Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ZT60 60-inch Plasma TV