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Panasonic's Finest Display to Date!

A Review On: Panasonic VIERA TC-P65ZT60 65-Inch Plasma HDTV

Panasonic VIERA TC-P65ZT60 65-Inch Plasma HDTV

Rated # 7 in Plasma HDTV
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A very thorough review, thank you for that. I recently bought a rather cheap Plasma display, with no apps and no gimmicks, but with a pretty good picture. The skins don't look 100% natural, but besides that I can live with it.
Are you sure there would not be another display for you, as you don't seem to use all those extras? I only watch in darkened rooms and therefore don't need daytime capability. I use a HTPC and don't need any apps or anything like it. For me it has to be simply a display for my HD software. Not more, not less. To spend $ 4,000 for a TV is a lot (which I did for my last Sony rear projector 55 inch LCD 6 years ago), but I am sure, $ 1,00 could be saved, if none of the gadgets were included.
I am happy that you are happy; I am happy with my $ 900 LG 60' plasma and will be so for at least another 6 years.
That would be of course $ 1,000 , not $ 1, that could be saved! (:
TV features or extras are just with what TV's come now. You pick your size and picture quality and extras come with it. The it's just a monitor days are long gone.
The only other display for me would be a 500M which I have but I wanted something bigger as the 500M is only 50" and having 3D is nice
Your calibrated settings look absolutely fantastic on my 65ZT60 ($3,199).

Thank you!
As good of a review for a panel as I have seen, great job!
Brillliant Sammie.
nice thorough review, thank you!
Man, you said some heretical things about ZT60 in relation to the 500M, but given that you own them both, I would take your word 10 times over someone who clings to their Kuro and constantly dogs the competition. Thanks not only for the review but for the settings. They're looking rather fantastic plugged into my set.
Having sold pannys for several years at an old mom and pop, along with ISF calibration, your review is truely top notch! Bravo and thank you for the thorough insight and for doing AVS readers a solid.
Great review Sammie. I'm an owner of the VT30 and have been looking at the ZT60 as a possible replacement. While I know the ZT60 is a better set, can you give any comparison notes between the two?
Between the VT30 and the ZT60. The interface itself in terms of speed and navigating through are much faster on the ZT. The Zt also has a lower MLL and exhibits much less image retention. The thing that stood out most to me was when calibrating the set the VT30 was difficult to calibrate as we was ZT, but the ZT calibrates so much better. As the only thing I had to work out was luminescence errors which I figured out a way around. The VT was more of an issue iirc with magenta.

I would say it is a worthwhile upgrade to go with either of teh 3 main plasmas released this year from a VT30.

The ZT does hold it's picture much better then the VT30 in daylight. I cannot say much on the brightness between the 2 as they are both at about the same fL for how I calibrated them.
Thank you, Sammie. I'm sold... now to sell my wife!
AVS › Reviews › Displays › Plasma HDTV › Panasonic VIERA TC-P65ZT60 65-Inch Plasma HDTV › Reviews › Sammie2980's Review