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A Review On: Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-C22 Center Channel Speaker

Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-C22 Center Channel Speaker

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Pros: Price, mid range, clean

Cons: It's not ugly but a little plain looking

I'm not an audiophile nor a home theater guru by any stretch. This purchase was simply to upgrade from the Onkyo 7.1 HTIB speakers I have been running so take that for what it's worth. In the 24 hours I've had the C22, I've sampled various TV channels, PS3 gaming, Avatar on BR, and some Satriani : )

I've tweaked my AVR speaker settings a bit to let the center channel stand out a bit from the Onkyo Fronts (UPS delivering my matching Andrew Jones bookshelf speakers today).

So far my impression is positive. Obviously it's an upgrade over the cheap HTIB speakers I have. The Pioneer looks pretty nice with the curved top and bottom, removable grill and comes with little foam pieces that allow you to aim the speaker up a few degrees. The sound is impressive at pretty much any volume. At normal listening levels, the dialog is clear and not muddled that I can tell. Cranking it up and the mids and highs stay sharp. The size (fairly large center) allows lower/deep/warm levels of sound and has two ports in the rear.

I was shopping the obvious other centers in this price range (Polk CS, BIC etc). I've never compared any of them but I don't regret pulling the trigger on this at all and can't wait to match the bookshelf speakers with it.


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