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A Review On: Pioneer BDP-330 1080p Streaming Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)

Pioneer BDP-330 1080p Streaming Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)

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Pros: The Pioneer high level of PQ & SQ is always the staple of any of their Blu ray and DVD players and this unit continues on the legacy.

Cons: Very Slow powering up and disk loading, I have the WiFi dongle and and not impress with its ability to stream ( had to connect the hardline),

The build quality is solid compared to the many light weight units of other brands. I have been a long time fan of Pioneer video players, from my first DV 525, DV 45A and the current line of BDP units, 120 x2 320, 330 and 95FD. So when I say I have a few issues with the apps and Wifi I speak from a long history of dealing with this brand. The Youtube XL is no longer being support since Google took over and I am on the fence about getting a Netflicks account. The Wifi setup is confusing and does not show the connection rate or signal strength when being used. I was surprised that Pioneer took away the 7.1 analog outputs that the previous 320 has (a big plus for those that don't have HDMI). For as long that Blu Ray has been in the mass market I am still surprised why Pioneer still can't get a unit to power up and load within 90 seconds, its the one major draw back of all Pioneer units that produce such a great picture.


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