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A Review On: Pioneer Channel AV Receiver VSX-523-K

Pioneer Channel AV Receiver VSX-523-K

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Bob Medley
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Pros: HDMI, upscaling, good quality & easy to set up

Cons: Poor manual & spring loaded speaker connectors

Bought this on the weekend to replace a 20 year old home theatre system. The setup was so easy and paired with my DB Dynamics speakers & subwoofer I have an awesome new home theatre unit. I actually feel like I am in a cinema or at an event & the video upscaling is brilliant. 4 HDMI in & 1 out is plenty for the normal buyer. Only thing I didnt like is that the manual is quite lean in terms of information. A novice might have a bit of difficulty in getting all the settings right, but it is just a matter of attuning it to how you want it to sound.


The range of options for different genres (movies/sport/music/dialogue) are exceptional & experimentation will see you get the setup you prefer. The ability to adjust each speaker & the subwoofer if you have one is also a bonus. There is no need to adjust the volume too far as even lower settings have quite a great deal of punch.


Some of the things I have noticed in movies so far is: the sound of a fork on a plate in the background; passersby conversations more audible; footsteps from across the street. These are sounds you would not hear or notice on tv; quality home theatre opens up a completely different experience.


 If anyone buying this unit wants any assistance if troubled in setting up, then just contact me & I would be glad to help you fine tune your system.


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