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Pioneer Elite KURO PRO-1150HD 50-Inch Plasma HDTV


Pros: Great picture, good sound, easy to use remote

Cons: Sound quality could be better with the Pioneer provided speakers

This Pioneer Elite Kuro 1150 was my first plasma HDTV and I have enjoyed it immensely. I bought it with the attachable Pioneer speakers and stand. The TV sits on a very nice entertainment table that itself has an electric eye so the cabinet doors remain closed and I can still use remote functions. The setup is clean and neat. Additionally, I use a satellite TV service for most of my programming but I did add a HD aerial which provides additional programming for local stations.

The seller delivered and set up the 1150 initially and that process was very easy. I contracted for another gentleman to come in and set up my HD aerial and satellite services. I exclusively used AVS Forums and used "D-Nice's" calibration settings for my set. With so many setup options, I wanted to get the best picture possible and felt that using his foundational settings would ensure the best quality picture possible outside of a professional calibration. Otherwise, I would have been poking around in the dark with settings I did not understand nor relationships that I would not understand their consequences. I did not use any type of burn-in process for my set nor have I ever had the set calibrated. I wanted to watch a good quality picture -- I did not want to join a cult or learn how to build an HD set.

I am very pleased with my picture and my picture quality. Blacks with the Kuro set are the best; natural, sharp colors and great depth. I am especially pleased with my picture quality that I get from my HD aerial. I am an avid NFL, college football and basketball fan so being able to get the local stations that cover local sports in HD is great!

The Pioneer remote is easy to use and it's user interface is straightforward. There are streaming capabilities but I do not use them. This set does not have 3-D, nor is it a feature I would want. I just want to watch a good picture.

My only criticism would be the audio from the Pioneer speakers. To really use the full capability of this system, one should really consider a surround sound system but that was not in my budget nor practical with my setup.

My only regret with this system is that I did not "pull the trigger" on the bigger 60" Kuro model. I still occasionally surf the web looking for a local 60" Kuro at a good price.
Pioneer Elite KURO PRO-1150HD 50-Inch Plasma HDTV

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Pioneer has worked hard to perfect the plasma picture. The high definition 1365 x 768 resolution picture on the PRO -1150HD is absolutely stunning in every way. For starters, they put a new cell structure and Crystal Emissive Layer behind the plasma layer. This allows for more intense blacks and more detail. So, blacks are blacker, yet the lighter areas on the screen still maintain their true brightness values and don't turn muddy or gray. Another addition to the PRO-1150 is the ASIC video processing and scaling technology for the ultimate in both standard definition and high definition performance.

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AVS › Reviews › Displays › Plasma HDTV › Pioneer Elite KURO PRO-1150HD 50-Inch Plasma HDTV